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My Favorite Sport

My favorite sport is Rugby, I love playing it at College, Also I love watching it. I love the All Blacks Haka. 
neeran neeran 26-30, M 9 Responses Jul 30, 2011

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We used to play tap Rugby after school and I was more skillful on putting the dummies on, At times we play hard Rugby too unfortunately my body wasn't heavy to endure collisions, My friends suggested me to come to practice for serious Rugby I wasn't lucky enough to represent my school : (, So, I accepted my limitations and switched back to serious Cricket.<br />
<br />
My dear Sister, I am always honest with you, Yea, I root for All Blacks when it come to Rugby. : )

I am truly astonished! In a state of shock! You could knock me over with a feather! My dear friend, knowing how you are with cricket I simply cannot imagine you being even more devoted to rugby! You go for the All Blacks, huh? Well, well!

@lazyangel, Rugby is a rowdies game played by gentlemen, Yes, Your so correct always great to see the combined efforts on team game. : )

Great sport. It appears that the Boks are the weakest of the Southern Hemisphere Three this year. My guess is that they will fare better on Northern Hemisphere sides at the RWC.

I've never played Rugby but i admit it is fun to watch. Especially the collisions :P. <br />
<br />
You know something i love in sports especially team sports is that one pla<x>yers breaks the ranks does something special runs in front. Rugby has a lot of that to offer

google NRL

Rugby was my no 1 dear brother, I played Cricket but Rugby makes you more skillful. : )

&amp; a few broken bones


@ TresHombre, No, Am not playing anymore

I thought you loved cricker ? :(


still play ?