There So Cute, How Could You Not Love Them

I only have one pair but would buy more if I see them in the store. 
I love to wear my pair with a mini skirt and hope someone will get a flash of the panties cause they make my cute little butt even cuter!

CaraJ CaraJ
3 Responses Aug 8, 2010

you girls know why we love them, because in our heart of hearts we are all Southern Belles,and in the pre civil war dsy we wore pantalettes, all ruffly just like rhumba panties, only they covered us to our sexy ankles.
and we are all still looking for our Rhett Butler!!! :>)

I got mine online at a square dance store and ebay. I have maybe 5 pairs:-)

If you are looking for rhumba panties in different colors go to They are nylon and very pretty. Put some pics on your profile.