I Want Frilly Plastic Rumba Panties

Like the ones my baby sister used to have the thick crinkly plastic would rustle with a loud crackle as I walked and I would not at all be able to hide my thick diaper as I would have my short dress held up by layers of petticoats to show them off.
I would be so sissy that boy's would fear to touch me in case some of my sissyness would come off on them.
My mouth will be filled with my pacifier and my mommy would have the most obedient little girl to please her and do whatever she say's.
waddlergirl waddlergirl
51-55, T
2 Responses Sep 6, 2012

Wow Rhumba pants wish I coould find some to fit me, those lovely ones with the fall of lace at the back that juts comes far enough down to cover the tops of the legs, in a lovely pure white or as they used to be with rainbow coloured frills, I have seen some somewhere but they were mighty expensive & came from Germany I think, quite delicious though!!

this sounds soooo great!!!!