Rumi From West To East!

Most of my Muslim friends in the Middle East had not heard of Mawlana Jalal-u-din Rumi before I spoke of him or shared one of his many great poetry quotes on facebook or youtube. But I, myself, had not heard of him from any other Muslim or Middle Eastern human being.
In fact, I heard of him through a fellow filmmaker who mentioned that the west is celebrating 800 years since the death (or birth) of Rumi, a couple of years ago. The name sounded Eastern, so I thought, "Who is this Rumi, whom the West celebrates yet I never heard of him?" and so I went to wikipedia, our favorite information source of these days, and entered Rumi.

Few days ago, I finished reading Elif Shafak's "The Forty Rules of Love", which I totally recommend to all Rumi lovers (and equally to those who don't know him). It is a very warm novel about two parallel love stories: one in the thirteenth century between Rumi and Shams of Tabriz, and the second in our contemporary times between the Sufi Muslim author of the first story and an ordinary housewife in America. Great work of literature/art.

Also, a couple of years after I got introduced to Rumi, and unfortunately not being able to find good translations of his work in Arabic like the translations I find in English, I am now part of a company that derived its name from one of his ideas that I love most: Placeless.
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I am a Muslim, and Molana Rumi (May Alllah be pleased with him) is a great Master and source of knowledge. I love him.

Religions are just cultures to educate the people. They are jusr ideologies.
I"rfaan" in arabic which is called "the knowlege of the god or the love" in english has nothing to do with culture or ideologies. The culture is the product of the intellect, being created by intellectuals.
The god or love has nothing to do with the intellect and its products.
Love ist something spiritual not intellectual.
Dividing the human being in to nations and religions has nothing to do with spirituality.
In fact, we all are the human being. The Dividing the human being as a unique being in so different nations and religions and discriminating them is an blind intellectual act.
The yelding for god has nothing to do with a particular culture or religion to say ideologie.
You are and you had always been searching for yourself, for your origin, so you found light from Rumi.
Thak you very much my fellow

i don't know abt online edition but u can find its translation in a wonderful book called ''the walled garden of truth'' by david pendelbury, published by ocatgon press i have a copy and its a beautiful....beautiful book!!!<br />
i hope u like it..........!!!!

Thank you, ladies. Is this Hadiqat ul hakiqat available online, snuffal? Any idea? :)

hey i am really greatful to u for sharing this wonderful story!! rumi, farid-u'ddin attar and hakim sanai are the three eyes of sufi poetry....!! rumi has revolutionzied sufi traditions by glorifying the femmine side of mystic love!! he has created the sufi tradition of surrendering oneself to love and let it absorb u and the self within u...!!!<br />
i am a fan of sanai's hadiqat ul hakiqat...its just amazing!!! thanx anyways

I think Rumi is one of the best poets ever. The East has alway fasinated me!

Thanks, LT. I second your recommendation :)

I think Rumi might laugh at the idea of conquering the world....and suggest that we all cast aside the tattered cloaks of our bodies and fly like truly conquer the world.

Thanks for stopping by, Ferdoos. I hope his love and ideas do conquer the world. Alas it doesn't seem to be so.

I love Rumi, today Rumi is conquering the entire world by his love,and perfect ideas.

But I have to admit we are a quite weird nation.We read books which are about Love or even called as Love but most of us Including my self dont believe in it:S We are such an ironic society:/

Of course I have read her every book she is a brillant writer and quite adequate in more than 4 languages(If I remember correctly her father was an abassador or had a high rank title like this and thats why she has lived in 5 countries or more I'm not sure and specialised in their languages) wow have you recently been to Istanbul? [in turkish her novel's name is simply called as LOVE remarkable isnt it?]

Right :) <br />
<br />
Did you read Elif Shafak's novel, love, "The Forty Rules of Love"? I actually got it from Istanbul recently :)

Actually his origin is Turkey.His grave is in Konya and every year been visited by people from around the world.His doctrines are intangiable and he is one of the most respected scholars in Turkish Literature.One of the his most remarkable quotes: "I WAS RAW, COOKED and then BURNED"

I got a kindle for Christmas ... Bastard of Istanbul and 40 Rules of Love are top on my list!!

You're most welcome. You can probably find it on Amazon. Elif Shafak also wrote "The Bastard of Istanbul" which took her to international acclaim. I haven't started reading the latter one tho but I've got it :)

Thank you for taking the time to share this. I am crazy about Rumi's poetry and really enjoy being part of this experience group. I look forward to finding this new book The Forty Rules of Love.