The Dog In the Doorway

(This is a Rumi poetry.  It consoled me when I was (still am) afflicted with the same disease.

The Dog in the Doorway

This is how it is when your animal energies, the nafs dominate your soul

You have a piece of fine linen                                                       
that you're going to make into a coat       
to give to a friend, but someone else uses it to make a pair of pants                           
The linen has no choice in the matter it must submit.                                          
Or, it's like someone breaks into your house and goes to the garden and plants thornbushes                                            
And ugly humiliation falls over the place.       

Or you've seen a nomad's dog              
lying at the tent entrance, with his head on the threshold and his eyes closed.                                                  
Children pull his tail and touch his face,  but he doesn't move. 
He loves the children's attention and stays humble within it.        

But if a stranger walks by, he'll spring up ferociously. 
Now what if that dog's owner were not able to control it?                          

A poor dervish might appear: the dog storms.                                                 
The dervish says, "I take refuge with God when the dog of arrogance attacks,"      
and the owner has to say, "So do I!        
I'm helpless against this creature even in my own house!

Just as you can't come close,                      
I can't go out!"

This is how animal energy becomes monstrous and ruins your life's freshness and beauty.

Think of taking this dog out to hunt!          
You'd be the quarry.

(The Essential Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks with John Moyne)

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BrutMystik,<br />
Glad you enjoyed it. His poems require a lot of contemplation isn't it? Love...could it be the baser love between two humans, or the higher love of the created to and from his/her Creator. Love, intoxication, sexual desires, pride - Rumi always delve into these topics from the perspective of our innermost spirit. I hope more people will share their view on their favorite Rumi poem. Thanks again.

He has written some beautiful love poems too. Thanks for sharing, NR.