Poetry and Cookin Tripe

I don't want anyone to be distressed because of me. During the meditation people came closer, and some of my friends fended them away. This is not what I want. It has been my custom never to turn away those who come. Don't scold anyone on my account.
I love these friends, all of them, so much so that for their entertainment I speak poetry! Why else would I do that? There's ntohing worse than that stuff! But it's expected of me.
As when a cook who doesn't like tripe plunges his hands into intestines and washes and prepares those parts, because a guest he has invited loves tripe. A man must consider what people want and stock up on those things, even though he has no interest and he knows the quality of the food is inferior.
To keep you from getting bored, I make up poems. I'm from a long line of scholars and deep mystical souls who passed on to me rare and subtle points. God has indicated that I should carry on that work, and if I were in the country of my birth, I would, but here, what to do?
In Balkh it was shameful to be a poet! If I could have remained there speaking and writing as my father did, I would have continued his lineage of study and practice

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Thank you Desieyez,<br />
Exactly what I was thinking about Rumi character - merely trying to entertain and educate the masses with his genius. Hope to hear more from you. Salam.