What Hurts the Soul?

We tremble, thinking we're about to dissolve into nonexistence, but non-
existence fears even more that it might be given human form! Loving God is
the only pleasure. The other delights turn bitter. What hurts the soul? to live
without tasting the water of its own essence. People focus on death and this
material earth. They have doubts about soul water.
Those doubts can be
reduced! Use night to wake your clarity. Darkness and the living water are
lovers. Let them stay up together. When merchants eat
their big meals and sleep
their dead sleep, we night thieves go to work.

We may worry about death, but what hurts the Soul the most is never to have tasted the waters of it's own essence. For it is at our very essence that the roots of our unlived life lies. Untended, never brought to consciousness, these roots fail to set forth branches, to flower and offer the harvest of an authentic life—the life intended at our conception.

desieyez desieyez
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1 Response Aug 19, 2007

Salam Desieyez,<br />
Thanks for this...I'd like to be a night stealer too.<br />
Once, an old Egyptian lady asked me why I don't pray the night-prayer(tahajjud), and I said I have a baby - I need to sleep whenever my beloved baby is not awake so that I'd have enough energy for him. Only on my third child did I realize that, God love women by giving her the taste of wakefulness at night, for the night is most calm for being alone with God - worshipping him with "ehsan" ie. to feel as if you see Him because you know that He sees you at all times. A spiritual guide (Nuh Keller) once said something like this: women may be delayed travelling up through the spiritual paths because of their commitments - but once their commitments are reduced, they are like fish to water in swimming towards the spiritual fountain. Women are used to servitude, humbleness and disappointment - the attributes of those who seek and find God.<br />
<br />
Turning to God.