Way Life Should Be...bare Naked

I will say I love being naked....  and its a relief to be able to enjoy the way God wanted us too...  I been doing it for awhile and was glad that I had the guts to take off my clothes and run like there is no tomorrow...  I enjoy meeting people this way... there is no clothing to disguise who they are....  Everyone is the same level and no one is better than the other...   No one looks at you like you are crazy and when you are running or playing volleyball or just swimming if feel wonderful to have the air and sun hit your skin....I just love it!!!
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i totally agree with your sentiment angel. i try to do as much as i can nude

I am looking forward to the time when I can afford to travel to and visit nudist resorts!<br />
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It will be both fun and relaxing!<br />
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I, too, believe, that the nude human body is beautiful, and that there is nothing to be ashamed of!<br />
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Thank you for sharing your story!

I belong to a nudist resort where I among others who have the beliefs ...

I run naked at home on my treadmill, but opportunities to run in public are few and far between. Where are you able to run naked?

Oh I believe so...they dont believe in truely being honest with home they are so they must hide behind their like you sasid costumes and insult the ones who are true to themselves.

Very well expressed, EP nudism lovers!<br />
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I will enjoy being nude at various resorts someday!

You got it Cheryl for as society has taught us not to accept who we are... once going nude you realize that you are beautiful and accepting of whom we are.... and I love the way people just have confidence for we are not ashame of what we are made of.... I love being nude and always go when I get a chance....

Its not about bravey its about enjoy who you are.... and once you done it you wonder why I never thought about before...

I don't understand why some people are ashamed of nudity. It's the way that nature intended us to be :-)

OMG!!! Yes.... I can not explain how its a wonderful experience...

I'm impressed by your self esteme. I'm not sure I have the self confidence to run naked. I don't mind being naked with a lover, but uninterested strangers is something else.