Bare Burro 5-k And French Vineyards

Last spring I ran in the Bare-Burro 5-K Naked Run put on by Olive Dell Ranch in Colton, CA. The run was well organized, and about 200 runners showed up. It was a grueling course, but I had a ball fulfilling a long-held fantasy. Anyone thinking this run might be fun should sign up.

After the run everyone hung around and enjoyed the pool and the hospitality the club's members provided. Definitely planning to do the run again, only this time I will train a little harder, and, maybe, finish in the money.

Also, we have a house in l'Herault area of France, where, when the days are long, one can run nude in the late evening for miles on one-lane asphalt roads, or on dirt paths, through the vineyards. When there is plenty of moonlight, it is even better. I have done this many times, and have never encountered a soul. One caveat though: don't do this during hunting season!
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1 Response Sep 6, 2012

Could they mistake you for a boar ? As lovers of Cap d'Agde, may we invite you to read our stories, comment and rate them at your leisure. Que le Languedoc Roussillon est beau ! Tina and ohn, the Nereides.