Run Differently, Run Freely

Run shirtless. Feel the air, rain, wind. Feel your muscles working, straining. Feel a freedom that's rare and special. 

There's some really good blogs and commentaries out there with the pros (and maybe a few cons too) - but if anyone reads this, say what you think and I'll add more. Before you add anything, do a run but leave your t-shirt behind.

midanbury midanbury
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3 Responses Mar 4, 2010

I love running shirtless;
I feel so free!

Just over a month ago I began to run regularly, extending the distances step by step. Probably I wouldn't be that dedicated if I couldn't do it sans shirt... This is exactly what you write: feeling the body withstanding the cold and winning! It's autumn now and temperatures go down, which makes the whole affair even more challenging. Last night I a police car slowed down, they wanted to know if everything was all right. They were just curious.

Hope to run shirtless as long as possible, we'll see how long...

ran shirtless and loved it