Hot Summer Days!!

sprinklers are awesome. i love whoever invented them. nothings better than to ***** down to underwear and just run through those things on hot summer days... man, i wish i still had a sprinkler here...
koepkebe koepkebe
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2 Responses Jan 4, 2007

why stop at underwear? I love to remember when I was five, and we did it in the park nude cuz my mom didn't want us to get our clothes wet, and we didn't have suits; we were traveling. I remember a lady stopping to ask about why we were running through the park nude, and my mom just said cuz we don't have suits, we moving...... and...AND their MY KIDS!!!!!! lol

Sprinklers are heaven! I generally only run through them when out on a run (aka running being the goal, sprinklers being wonderful surprises), and while I avoid the odd person who uses one in a New England winter, when it's 95 out and it's something like 80% humidity 15 miles into your run ... nothing better!