Running Is My Drug Of Choice.

Whenever I am upset, or stressed I need to release my energy. I feel this is what our bodies are basically designed to do. Run. I have never done well with people.Because of my personality I bought a treadmill so I can run anytime I feel like it. I like to know that I have the option to jog any time-even if I don't- whatever the weather is like. My treadmill broke down recently, after 4 years and I panicked. That is when I realized what running means to me.Up to that point I just thought that I like to exercise, but it was more than that. I kept driving around the next few days thinking to myself how silly I am for constantly thinking where I would go running when the need to release my energy kicked in.
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2 Responses Apr 20, 2012

I love running- it's just that I am injured right now and caint really run like I used to...

yes running is great for relieving stress , but some times the stress is so much that all i can do is walk .<br />
<br />
walk walk walk , curse a few things and then run