I Run Because It Makes Me Feel Alive.

I absolutely love a good run. Treadmills just won't do, I want to run outside on the track on the good days and inside on the indoor track during the rain/cold season. The best running is on park trails - those are the ultimate because of all the hills and nature and such. I don't like running on the side of the road with all the traffic because I don't like breathing in the exhaust. I never feel more alive than when I run - at peace and just plain happy. I always bring my iPod and play music while I run - can't go without it. It feels so good to push my body, control my breathing, and know I am going to complete that last stretch. I'm in a whole other world when I run and it's glorious!
One day I plan to get into swimming regularly, too.
AzaleaElise AzaleaElise
26-30, F
1 Response Oct 15, 2010

I swim everyday and I love it. There is nothing like the peace I find when I am in the water!! but I also love running and like you, I love to run outdoors. When I couldn't I have done treadmills before, but being surrounding by nature and breathing clean air si the best of course!! I have to get an IPOD soon. I used to carry a Walkman in those days haha - you might not even now what that is.