4 Miles

It might not seem like alot for some people, but I finally did it without stopping and in less than 40 minutes. I'm 30 now and haven't done that since probably when I was 18 so I'm pretty proud of myself. My goal is to get to 13 miles, I think. I'm planning on running the Rockford half marathon in May and I'd like to run the Chicago marathon in October. Anyone have any advise to keep me motivated? I'm doing it all on my own and sometimes it's hard to keep pushing at it.
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9 Responses Jan 18, 2008

Hope you're still at it!

Awesome! I hope to get 4 miles in without stopping!

Great for you. Its okay your doing it alone. Its for you so you will do it! Once you find the love you don't let go of it.

Yeah not anymore. I need surgery on my foot and have only ran once in the last three years. It sucks, hope I can get back there again sometime.

I don't think I have as much experience as you do but I think a good way to keep motivated is to vary your workouts so that it stays interesting, it also helps you get into shape faster.

Yeah, not anymore. I can't run like I use to and I need foot surgery that I can't afford so looks like my hopes of running anything is pretty much done.

Congrats! I never managed less than a 10 minute mile for more than 3 miles. Although at my fastest, I did manage 26 minutes on my 3 mile race! I was so happy! <br />
I need to start running again. I got sick and had to quit for a while. :(

Congrats. That's awesome. You know, the best thing you can do is get somebody that can run with you or family members to root you on and have a little accountability at the same time. It's good to tell people your goals and accomplishments, also. I do not agree with gambling, but instead of making a goal for yourself to run it, make a goal to somebody else, and have them make a goal and have a prize for the person that reaches their goal. Just an idea. God bless.

Way to go! I walked 5K in November does that count? Did a walk for Autism with a friend who's oldest son is Autistic. Looking into doing one in April for asthma. I really want to work at running again. I started years ago and was so proud the first time I ran 10 minutes straight. For me that was an accomplishment.