I Miss The Track

I was once a champion track athlete. I was a sprinter, and I trained 3-5 days a week when I was younger. I loved the burst of speed, hitting your peak, and pushing yourself right to the very end, making each muscle fire fast and with power. I was better at the longer sprints. 400m was my specialty for which I was City and Provincial champion. I enjoyed the shorter distances too, but just wasn't as good at them.

Eventually I had to chose between running and dancing. I couldn't do both. Sadly, I left the track behind.

I took up soccer to allow me to keep running. Of course, 18 years has passed since I ran on a track, so I'm not as fast as I once was. But I've still got it. I can keep up with some of those young 20-somethings on the soccer field.

I do miss the track though. Running, just for the sake of running. I would love to get back at it someday...even running longer distances.  Running invigorates me...
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4 Responses Feb 5, 2011

Imogen....I honestly don't remember what my PB was in the 100m at the time. It was decent though...I did well at that distance too. I once kept record of all of my PBs over the various races I ran, but 18 years later, that's long gone. <br />
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Quintesse...thanks for your comment. Keep running...it's a great thing!

A million years ago I was a sprinter too. 100 yrds. Gradually I learned how to stretch that out when I was needed in the mile relay. I hated it then, but I learned well. Now I run whenever I can but never on a track. I can do up to 5 miles before I get bored and tired. In fact, the more cross-country/offroad I can get, the happier I am.<br />
I'm not fast at 47 but I could probably give other 47 year olds a run for their money, male of female. <br />
I am pretty happy with that these days. I no longer have any competitiveness in me though. If I can outrun loose dogs and crazy drivers I'm good, haha. <br />
Invigorating is the right word. I'm with you. It is awesome.

A marathon seems a little overly ambitious right now for a girl who is 18 years removed from being a sprinter! lol

Thanks 1uniquelady! I do hope that in time I can get back to it again. I don't think I'd ever go back to sprinting again, mostly because I'd be pretty hard on myself, expecting myself to be able to do what I once did. Age won't make that possible lol! Besides, it's best to put that part of my life to rest, especially when I can do other things, and distance running would be so good for me...it would certainly help my soccer games!