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At Night.

I love running, I have incredible stamina, I run quite quickly across beautiful open countryside, my stride is long and easy I seem to float across the ground on and on I run, mile after mile never tiring,
I feel as though I could run for ever and never tire, the freedom I feel as I speed along is ecstatic, I have no destination I run simply for the joy and elation that I feel.
Then I wake, my wheelchair is still beside my bed and I am still Paralysed.
But hey that was a LOVELY dream :) 
AlmostAristotle AlmostAristotle 61-65, M 9 Responses Mar 12, 2011

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Glad you enjoyed it B3.<br />
Thanks for the comment.

Thank you sierra. What a wonderful comment, I feel empowered and doubly blessed to have you as my friend on EP.<br />
Ari :))

Dreams make things happen if only for a short moment!!! Didn't realize you were writing about a dream...had me on the edge of my sit there for a sec.

You know, I read this and couldn't help think that you DO run. Not with your legs but with you mind, in your writing and in your actions. Look at all the beauty you create with your gardening. Some folks run with their legs but they never seem to really get anywhere in their lives or thoughts. You're the opposite. You're legs are still but your mind and heart run like the wind, even in your dreams... You get to really AWESOME places. So I suppose in some ways...You're wayyy faster than many. *hugs*

Ah well beanie, such is life :)<br />
Thank you for your wish.

Dreams are our hearts' wishes. I wish your heart's dream could come true.

Thanks beanz.

Bittersweet. But a really lovely dream and well told story.

Yes foolish the old brain still remembers the real feeling of running which I did love before becoming a Paraplegic.