Physically And Mentally

If any one of my friends heard me say that I love running, they'd find it hilarious.

And I don't blame them, I'm not usually one for exercise, except dancing. And when I say dancing, I just mean listening to music and dancing to have a good time; there is no posh talent to it lol..

But these days I've learnt to love running. I started doing it in the hope of losing weight, but it's grown on me. But of course I need music to do it properly.

It helps me get my anger out, which stops me taking it out on other people. So not only does it benefit me physically, it helps my mind too :)
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i have a severe ach on my knee

Yeah, there are times either biking or running I find it hard to get motivated to actually get out the door but once I'm on the road or trail I love it.

keep at it,i run to work up a thirst...:)

As long as I can until I'm close to passing out lol. Usually about 45 minutes-ish.

how long to you run for ?

I really loved running, if you read my story 'At night' I think you'll se what I mean.


I used to run along the beaches of Western Florida some years ago until a friend who is an orthopedic surgeon told me that running damages the knees. Since then I have taken up biking, both mountain and road biking. Less wear and tear on the body yet still healthy. Plus I get to wear awesome biker shorts and biker shoes once in awhile. Ha.

Several knee surgeries later, running is but a dream for me.

laynemeyer: I agree with you so much, I manage to block out everything and just focus on one goal. The adrenaline I get from something that I once hated is remarkable. I hate getting injured too, my feet always manage to come out looking like I've been in a battlefield!

OK will keep you posted on my endeavours, if any :) Thanks for the encouragement my friend.

Running is a fantasic way to escape while still remaining grounded. I loved the way that I was able to shut so much of the world out while I ran. It afforded me such a great opportunity to think. I miss it. - well, not what it did to my knees, but the alone time and adrenaline high.

Do it, it'll make a noticable difference after less than two weeks, I promise!

They do say exercise is useful for all sorts of things, including stress, moods etc. I wish I had more personal experience to vouch for that. Generally too lazy myself, though trying harder these days :)