Run Or Get Fat!

I like running at night, exercise is good for your body, i don't like running in the morning 1. Sleepy head 2. Too tired. 3 Lots of people for running. I keep fit, promised myself to never to get fat. The more fat food you eat the more hard it is too loose it off you.
SophiaLanders SophiaLanders
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8 Responses Mar 1, 2012

When I started living healthy a while back, running was one of the things that I began and now I weigh less and maintain a healthy weight.

I like running at night too. Less people, my daughter is asleep, and by then done with all my chores. Right after I shower and sleep like a baby. Kudos to you :)

Umm no my feet doesn't get stinky or anything but get a bowl of warm water put loads of salt in and have you feet inside for about 15 mins. One of my friend does it, she says it cleans your feet.

I agree. Running is quite healthy and with a balanced meal at least 3 times a day you can't go wrong and you'll never gain unwanted weight. My only problem with running is the foot odor. Do you find that your feet become stinky after a long jog?

Yep, remember people try get 5 fruit or veg in your meals everyday. Those kind of food is good for you! Keep on running runners.!

Nope - does not sound weird!! I just love running...except in very extreme conditions!

If you eat bananas you will get energy.

I also do a huge amount of running! It's such a great feeling!

Yep, i like running when's windy, sounds kind of weird but it feels amazing and fresh.