Going To Try And Give It Another Shot..

I've always loved the feeling running gave me. But when I got injured my junior year in high school, I started to hate running. The pain was so bad it always reminded me how I had no control on this anymore. Running was the one time I felt I had control of my life and it was just ******** away. I tried and tried to get back to the way things were, but it never was. Never will be. Anyway I haven't been running for a couple years now, but I've really been wanting the feeling of control on my own life back. I've been running little by little. I'm not too out of shape, but getting back into running is just different now. But I really am starting to enjoy it. ;) Now that it's summer, I plan on running a lot. Is it weird that I don't play sports or run marathons, yet I look forward to training like if I am?? I've always been pretty competitive. Lol. I'm so excited!! I haven't felt this way in quite awhile.
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I felt the same way after my surgery. I would get so frustrated about not how difficult it was not being the way i was. I too just started again this summer. But i refuse to let bad weather stop me now. I would appreciate hearing your progress. Maybe we can root for each other, haha

Really?? What was your injury?? It's really hard getting back into it.. The frustration is a bit overwhelming sometimes..Running was my passion so knowing it's not going to be the same kind of takes that love for it away..

I had appendicitis & i had my appendix removed. I was stuck in the hospital 4 a month. I had to take it easy 4 a while & cudnt join track or bball the following school year. But now i'm working my way back to where i used 2 b

Oh I see. Well best of luck. ;)

Thanx, & did u ever start up again?

I started but I haven't really put enough work into it so I'm not getting the resuls I want.

Well dont give up. I think if u want that feeling back then its worth it y'know?

True. :)

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