I Couldn't Live Without Running

I love running. I have ran through all the hard times in my life. My very first run was when I was 11, on July 21st. It was the day of my dads funeral, my mom drove me back to our house for a brunch with our family. But I didn't stay, I remember taking off my uncomfortable shoes, and just leaving. I ran down our road, and then down a trail in our neighborhood park. I ran until my feet blistered, and then I ran until they popped and then I ran some more. I started doing cross country and track in the 6th grade. I was long distance.
When I ran, I didn't have to think. I was good, I was faster than all the girls, and most of the boys. too. I belonged, and I meant something. I had so many good years in cross country and track. People ask me why I like running, and I can't explain to them why, I just do. I got accepted onto U of Os track team, and I couldn't be happier.
Gracietherunner Gracietherunner
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 22, 2012

I'm glad you find running theraputic, I find it the same, it pulls you up when you are down. Good luck with your running, well done on getting in the track team. Just enjoy your running.