I Wish I Could Run

Two summers ago I started kicking by butt into gear and getting out there. I started with bike rides, I could go for hours. But then I realized that things were going by too fast, that I couldn't appreciate the trails so the next summer I started to walk a lot.

I really wanted to get into running but it is difficult for me. Whenever I start I get these awful pains in my mid-abdomen, I can only run for a minute of two before I start to lose it and have to either sit or walk slowly. Last summer things started picking up, I would run for 40 steps and then walk 20 and continue until I was back home. One day I walked briskly for 30 minutes and then ran almost the entire way back, only stopping or slowing 3-4 times. When it started to hail I was able to run for much longer but I am sure that was the adrenaline of wanting to get home driving me. I was going to keep on doing that but a few days later I twisted my knee at home and tore one of my ligaments so I was done for the summer.

This summer I had hoped to start running regularly but my summer is over halfway gone and I have only gone out for a couple walks. I keep on finding reasons not to go even though I love the feel of being able to run.
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2 Responses Jul 16, 2012

It sounds like you are cramping because you are breathing incorrectly or forgeting to breath. I know it sounds stupid but sometimes when people first start running they take in large gulps of air and don't regulate their breathing which always leads to cramps for me. When I first started running I had to tell myself the entire time to be mindful of my breathing, for me it's two small inhales one longer exhale and I keep this in synch with my feet hitting pavement it helps keep everything nice and even. Eventually your "running breathing" will be second nature to you, I don't think about it now. Running takes time and practice and very few people enjoy it the first few months or even the first year! It can be painful and there will be days your run just sucks, but when you finally push past the pain, trust me you can it gets better the reward is amazing there's nothing better than a long run! Keep trying, find a buddy it helps!!

I really liked your story because it reminds me of myself when I first started running, and that was only a little over a year ago. I didn't think I would ever be a runner. Running was soooo hard for me, but I started really slowly and increased my distance slowly as well. I'm not a marathon runner, by any means, but today I can easily run 2 miles with very little effort, and have run over 4 without a break. I love running so much now, when I go to the gym I sometimes have to force myself to stay off of the treadmill so I can do other things. You should remind yourself how great it will make you feel, and then force yourself to do it. You'll feel so good afterwards!! Good luck and have fun.