I Still Do After All These Years.

Running started for me in high school, although at the time, three miles was the longest race allowed. Most days after running track, I would throw my school clothes in my gym bag and then catch the school bus; I would get off the bus half way home and run the remaining miles. I would then wait on the school bus to complete its route; since I was the first to get on and the last to get off, the bus driver would always stop so I could gather my gym bag and ask how my run was today.
Running for me was not a competitive thing; it was for the solitude and a mind cleansing experience, a primeval thing in which I enjoyed. I believe that human beings are the greatest distant runners on earth. I know that we are not the fastest, but we are born with remarkable endurance; we were once pack hunters on foot, which allowed us to outdistance our game, to eventually catch what we needed to survive.
My running increased as I aged, during the seventies and early eights I started entering marathons. I have personally logged over 12,000 running miles; I have felt every footstep, every shock of sticking the pavement over and over again, running up through my feet, ankles, legs and into my body. All that running comes at a price, and that is joint issues later in life. Now that I’m a few month shy of 62, my hip & knee joints are complete wore out.
But, I still want to run, although it pains me greatly, I still try and I will continue until the day I die.
TheSteeleBeast TheSteeleBeast
61-65, M
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Me too, but now I'm swimming, too!