New Runner: How To Begin?

Hi runners!

One of my New Year's Resolutions for 2013 is to start running. I am a 23 years old girl in good physical condition, I have always been an active person and have done many other sport activities such as dance, yoga, pilates. I don't have any issue with my weight or my health.

Even though I've always been curious about running, I started thinking about it seriously only during this last weeks. My boyfriend is really into running, he completed few marathons and usually runs at least twice a week when the weather is nice. So I can say he is a good inspiration for me (;

Since I want to run outdoor and now the weather in my region is extremely rigid, I am planning to start my running training around March.

I feel so ignorant about running and I usually like to "study" a bit before starting a new activity/ plan, so I am here asking for infos!

Any advice for a new runner?

Thank you very much!
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What a brilliant new years resolution!

I started with a program produce by the NHS over in the UK called couch25k, since you are probably not at couch level you could start at like week 3 which is what I did. It is a 9 week series of podcasts that builds you up to running solidly for half an hour, it's such a good place to start. I'm assuming you are in the US so I'm not sure if you can get it there but it is certainly on itunes so maybe try there if you are interested?

Good running shoes are the only piece of equipment worth buying as they protect your knees and ankles! The rest of the running 'gear' is overpriced and for the 'all the gear no idea' brigade!

Another thing that I found really important is to not run every day to start off with, you need to take a days rest from running, it lets your body rest and prevents injuries in your ankles, knees and prevents painful shin splints!

Most of all enjoy it, once you get past the first few runs it is so theraputic and the cheapest way to excersise! Also let us know how you go! Good luck!

Thank you for the advice! I am looking forward to start it!

PS: I am actually based in China not in US! (;

Ahh that will teach me for being so presumptuous!

Great responses so far and good for you on your running goal. I started running at a late age in life (only 2 yrs ago) and now love it - running about 4 or 5 days a week. I started very slowly (not much more than a fast walk) and gradually increased my speed and distance. At first it took me a mile or so so get acclimated to the run - in other words, the first mile was painstakingly difficult, but once I passed that invisible line, I was good to go. Every now and then I still experience it, but I know if I keep going I'll be ok. Good luck, have fun, and don't forget the music! I get soooo excited when I find a great new running song!

Thank you! Let's hope I am not gonna get any injury :

Start slow. Don't over do it at first. Don't be afraid to walk if you are tired. More advanced runners will call that interval training. Find a running partner(s) and have fun. If it is fun you will keep doing it. Don't worry about what others are running just look at your improvement and be proud when you set new PR's (Personal records). These can be times run, distances, weekly totals etc. anything you have not done before.

Thank you!

This is really good advice for almost every runner. Thanks!

I love running too. It keeps me very fit so... hey

I love runners world. I too am a runner and triathlete. I started in 2010 running with my WII. then it was the treadmill. Then it was slowly racing. My last half marathon was in october. I took a few months off...depression hit me bad. The weather has not been very nice. But I have three months to get back into it and train properly. I go to the gym every morning treadmill bike elliptical many options. I guess what got me really serious was signing up for the first race. And finishing it. It can get very costly especially with what I do but it keeps me on my toes and makes me commit to training. Good luck in your endeavors

I guess I really need a good luck for such an ambitious goal! Let's hope I'll do fine!

Thank you for your advice!

Good luck on your running. Just enjoy it. This website is great if you don't already know about it.