A Poem About Running...

Learning to Run (third stanza: words/phrases taken from Haruki Murakami’s What I Talk About When I Talk About Running and Pink Floyd’s Learning to Fly)

Better than a cold shower
or a strong black coffee,
a morning run.
Once you've broken the sleepy spell,
gulped at water to clear your fuzzy brain
and stepped out into cold dawn air,
you're off,
feet pounding to the beat
throbbing through your headphones.
Your mind's sharpened in the crisp light,
suddenly alert as you breathe
concentrated air, morning fresh.
It's the details you notice-
the way the wind whips
rainbows from crystalline waves,
seagulls slicing the cobalt sky.
As the breeze bites your bare hands
and stings your face,
you're strangely euphoric,
natural high.

Mind calms to runners' rhythms
as time fades to routine routes,
circular journeys where
the destination doesn't matter.
It's an almost metaphysical feeling,
a universal connection,
strange sort of cosmic oneness.
It's the tempo of your feet,
the thud of the downbeat
leading to the rising inflection,
flowing through cadences.
Thoughts drift through your consciousness,
randomized, accidental,
floating to the misty haze
where the sea meets the sky.

Into the windswept void,
earthbound in the morning light.
The sky both exists
and doesn't exist,
suspended animation.
The mind is totally clear,
lost in senses,
tongue-tied as words
fly into circling stories.
A meditative discipline;
listen to nature.
Misfit mosaic reflects
clouds in tension,
distorted shadows fluctuate
across the shape of the waves.
Blank horizon stretched in the distance,
silently unthreatened by vapour.
There's no sensation,
natural habit,
soul in state of rhythm.

Latent elastic energy
springs from tendons,
unconscious force from
passive impulse.
Rhythmical momentum drives
mechanical systems,
reflexive reaction.
Adjust your stride;
feel your pulse quicken.
Activate the gear shift
to speed the tempo
but never break the beat.
the potential energy,
trapped in patterns.
Increase momentum through velocity,
Can you feel your heart expand and contract,
blood rushing through your eardrums?
This is the apex,
precarious pinnacle.
Luna137 Luna137
26-30, F
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Love what you wrote!!