Doh.. My Ankle !

All runners are great people.. because they know how to push themselves to work out, run, into the rain, the wind... specially after Christmas vacations, when runners or not everybody eat foot like crazy..and I it...I ate so much.! (that's good)

...but runners.... well, runners can keep running, and every time a runner has to lose a little weight he/her just run a little bit more during the day.

So also for me is simple to loose weight after Christmas.. but this year... my ankle hurts... so I'm suffering on diet to keep my body dry to get ready to do sport...suffer suffer...because I can't eat a lot.. and I can't run !
CrookedMat CrookedMat
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2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

Well Im feeling you here. I haven't been able to in months due to shoulder surgery! It's killing me. Yes, the diet to maintain, try and maintain a descent weight while not running is a challenge. Im used to not having to worry about it. So I am empathetic for you. Hope your ankle gets better.

wow.. I've got 3 shoulder surgeries..! so I can understand how you feel. I hope you get better soon, I see you can type so you passed the hard time...good luck!

Yes, Im 10 weeks post the end of the tunnel, I hope! Thanks
Wow 3? What do you play? Or is it from working?

It's agony for a runner who can't run! Hope your ankle gets better soon. I'm a newer runner (within last 2 years) and love the side effect of weight loss!

I have a inflamed tendon.. nothing serious, I hope in a couple of week I can run again..