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Long story short I haven't ran in months due to shoulder surgery and it's been killing me! I am used to a routine of every other day. So not to run at all, for months feels like Im shriveling up and slowly dying.
Im post op a little over 10 weeks now...been walking for about a month. I just couldn't sit anymore...but the need to run has been eating at me. Not supposed to run yet but...yesterday I was at the track and the weather was so pretty and warm...I was on my last lap around and I said **** it (in my head), Im jogging. I did!!!! I jogged a lap around the track and it felt so good. Although I am so out of shape, that sucks. The problem though is my shoulder gets irritated when I hang my arm down for a while or if I were to move it back and forth with running, so I just grabbed hold of my shirt as I ran. This bent my arm as if I were still in the sling and it didn't bother me. Maybe I looked odd, but I didn't care! Felt good to do a little. Can't wait for the upcoming months and warmer weather. I am happiest when I run.
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Thanks for posting this. I am recovering from foot surgery this summer and I am just able to start light training. Good luck with the shoulder..

So sorry about your foot. I know its difficult. I'm just now able to start. Cant wait to get going again! Good luck to you as well!

I kinda like the fact that you haven't run in a while. Makes me think I'd have a chance to catch you! ;)

I will always limp for you...LOL

....no probs, luv...

Nice to see someone wanting to stay healthy!

Kinda makes a change....

Sammy Jo xx

Been there, done that, luv....

I was going to recommend holding your hand to your top, or keeping your elbow bent and your arm stationary...that seems to work when I have had issues....

Running = freedom.....and freedom is worth a little suffering from time to time...

Keep on keeping on...


Samantha xx

Awww...you are so sweet! Thanks for the encouragement! I appreciate you commenting. :)