Starting Back

Due to my shoulder injury and surgery and recovery I have been out of running for months now. I also added around 20 lbs to my body! :( While it may not appear Im overweight ( I have always been heavier than I look), I AM! It has killed me to not be active and to know I have gained.
Today Im starting back, hoping my shoulder is well enough to get back on my running schedule. I know I will drop the weight. Once I start running it's easy
for me to lose and get back. Just takes a little time. 

Im not looking forward to feeling how out of shape Im in. But it's the beginning of  getting back. So I have to deal with it and get going!

I will let you guys know how it goes today.

Happy running!
soulrunher soulrunher
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How often and for what time/distance do you run Soul? I mean when you're at your peak. Obviously now you're going to take it very slowly so you don't end up hurting what was just repaired!

Just got back. Not as bad as I thought. I don't push. Distance seems to be more important to me than time. Every other day, at peak I was up to 7mi.But that is a not fast. I never even time my running. I made a deal with myself years ago...not to set goals that would discourage me and stress me out. So I do it for fun and health of it. I feel by not paying attention to the numbers, I will run longer in life. I tend to stress over numbers so...I let that go.
Broke a sweat, ran and walked but the run was about 1.5 mi which felt good. I was really pleasantly surprised. Shoulder is still stiff and sore but working it out!

I'm the same way. I don't run to win any races. Just trying to maintain a certain level of fitness. I actually have very little idea how far I run. I just run for a set amount of time and try to increase how long that is periodically. But, I do have trouble losing weight running only three days a week. In the warmer months I add in some bicycling on the weekends and bicycle commuting to work, then I'll start losing weight, but I really need to start losing now. The holidays, and the month I took off running because of my tendinitis took their toll on my midsection! lol. That's why I was curious about how many days you run. I think adding another day will help me, but it might be that I need to run for longer periods. I typically run for 45-60 minutes.

Oh, and seven miles is awesome! I saw a show on humans and our ability to run. Did you know that humans can maintain a running pace for longer than any other animal? Anyway, they said that once you hit the seven-mile mark your fitness generally doesn't improve and so you can, theoretically run a marathon without difficulty, cardio-wise.

Can I suggest jumping rope? If you want to slim down, it really trims me. I do it on my off day from running. Just start counting and work up to whatever...doesn't take much to notice it works. It did for me anyway. I want to start that too when the shoulder is a little better. I run about the same as would be a great partner. We could have two workouts in one. LOL

I didn't know that...interesting. Thanks

Great minds, think alike...oh god we are in trouble :P

I support you...maybe I can push you! LOL


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