I was out for my run on Tuesday night in an unfamiliar area as I was on the road for my job. I set a 6 km goal in my run tracker and headed out for a 3 km double back course. The temperature was great with a nice sea breeze. The 3 km out were a slow incline with a 5:30 min/km pace; a good rate for me.

On my return, at the 5 km mark, I tripped on a metal post sticking out of ground and careened forward, stumbling and falling. I tried to roll on my right should and onto the grass but ended up dislocating my shoulder and road-rashing my right lower leg and right forearm.

To make matters difficult, had to walk 1.5 km back to my hotel and then take a 20 minute cab ride to the hospital. It was a wee bit painful.

Then the good news began. In this tiny little country hospital, the doctor on duty was a sports medicine specialist. He took the time to hang sand bags on my wrist while I laid face down on a hospital bed adding 5 lbs every 10 minutes and tractioning my arm until he could just gently push my humerus back into the shoulder socket. Oh yeah, and he gave my 20 mg of morphine.

The result, I have as little trauma as a dislocation could cause. Thank you Dr Collins, you are a gem.

I can't wait to get healthy enough to run. I have to really watch my diet to avoid weight gain.
chefdrewski chefdrewski
51-55, M
Aug 15, 2014