Sometimes i want to run in the woods and never stop running, not to run away but to feel free.
RainbowWolf13 RainbowWolf13
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On the way to my 1st home I know I will return but I know I wish I could run in the woods and never stop running.


I am like a poet lol

Nature is with me feel a connection

Same here... I wish I could be in the woods more..


I'm not alone :D

I feel the wind blowing threw my hair all my worries are gone, and I know this is my second home

I have personally done this and it is a great feeling.

Yep I know mostly fall I love to run

Spring and fall are the best times to run, yet I'm always busy those times of year

I feel like I belong to nature LOL I sound like a hippy I am not one!!!

It's weird some people fear the wood I don't I know there animal a there I feel like they won't hurt me?

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Nothin in my way... Maybe a tree

That is awesome I will admit and I have done this nuthin like it..