Been Running For Years...and Yet-

Gosh, I have been running pretty regularly since I was 10, 13 years ago.  However, I have a hard time pushing myself when there is no one else around to run with.  So, my stamina and endurance fluctuate so much!  It is so frustrating.  In high school, I could run 6-7 miles and of hills in the country and barely be winded.  Then, in college, when I had a great running partner, I maintained that and more.  But, even though I keep running, I couldn't find anyone to run with in med school...and I'm down to 3-4 miles before I'm like, I'm done.  Time to go home.  It sucks!  I can't find anyone to run with!  When I do, I end up pushing them.  Anyhow, I'm trying to train for a 1/2 marathon right now, I'm hoping that the goal will motivate me...but no luck so far.  I just go so far, I'm barely exhausted, but you do feel some pain, so I'm done.  What the heck?  I'm so competitive and motivated when I'm with someone else, but by myself?  No can do.  Anyone else had a similar problem?  Any solution?  I've tried my iPod...not sure if it makes that much of a difference.  Thanks :)
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Why don't you advertise for a running partner ask the gym near you if you can put a card up . Or what I do is wipe my I pod and put tons of new tunes on xx

Yes it does affect when you are running with someone and running alone. It happened to me also. But i go with the music, its the alternate option for me. So try to for some time and then for playing something else like team games. Hope it helps

i enjoy running alone, but i mostly do it for the experience. i know what you mean though, it's hard to push yourself. i find i try much harder when there's someone there to drive me.

I see you wrote this years ago, and I hope you've found something to keep you motivated by now. Still, I have to comment that the best motivation for me has been my dog! Since I've had him (8 months now) I run almost daily and it's so easy. I can't run as many miles as you (yet), but I don't even pay attention to the distance when my dog's with me. He keeps me distracted and entertained. You have to walk your dog anyway, so It's great exercise for him as well (keeps him mentally balanced and very obedient). For a little guy, he can not only keep up, but he pushes me to run a little faster. Find yourself a distance running breed, or look into "borrowing" a friend or neighbor's dog. If you're still in need, I hope this helps.