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I have always been thin and active. My love for horses and my passion for riding has always kept me trim and fit, but my divorce in 2006 threw me for a loop and knocked me down into a personal slump. I could no longer finacially afford to keep my farm and horses, so I sold it all and started all over at the age of 33. I haven't ridden since then, but I am happily remarried and my "middle" has started to show it! I do not think I am overweight......quit the contrary. I am 128 pounds at 5'3", but the weight that I did put on has decided to settle around my midsection. So, with no horses to ride, 3 children, a full time job,, and a year left until I complete my bachelors degree, I decided I HAD to do some kind of exercise. Running? Good Lord NO, I hate it! But, I found myself this past Christmas buying a treadmill and TELLING myself that I was going to do it and I would learn to love it! So, here I am 2 months into it and I am running 2 miles every other day at 5.5 mph. Does it suck? TOTALLY! I force myself to do it (oftentimes silently calling myself lazy in order to **** myself off just enough to change into my running clothes and hit the treadmill). But, I found that I LOVE the extra energy I have gotten and, dare I day, I actually feel PROUD that I am where I am with my running. My goal is to be able to run 5 miles without stopping (or having a heart attack...LOL!). And maybe.......just a small marathon before I turn 40. Any tips????  

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Trying to get back to 5 myself. Hang in there.

congratulations to you. the best thing to do since you have treadmil is to alternate, between adding more time to your work out and adding a little bit of speed or incline to change up the monotony. I have been running on treadmill since December as well. I am up to about 4 -5 miles every other day. i try to run just a straight 6.5 mile/hour trot for 35 minutes for one day, and then the next one run a mile. slow it down for a lap and then run another mile then slow it down then run another mile, until I have run the total miles for my goal. I am trying to get up to 6 miles for my goal. I think I will get bored with running for longer than that. If I can do 6 miles in one hour I will be happy. Another great thing is to have an accountability partner. If you want one, let us know. It is good to have someone to check in with to help you stay on track, especially since not your favorite thing to do. hope that helps and let me know if you want any more advice. good luck to you and way to go for pushing yourself.