Athletics Is The Best Sport Ever

I've been running for less than a year. I started it because I decided to take up something new and more challenging apart from exercises. I was in summer holiday then, and staying at our vacation house. I did not take my laptop there, and did not use any computer for 20 days. Instead I went running. My goal was to run 30 min without pausing. My first step was to run 4 minutes and walk 1 minute, until it's 30 minutes. Then I increased the running to 5 minutes for a cycle, whereafter I went back in town. I kept running in a school yard. I could then run 9 minutes and walk 1, then run 9 min again, and so on.

Until I ran 6 km without pausing. For less than a month, I could run 6 km. And then 7.4 km. My own record. <3

About a month ago, I signed up for an athletics team. It's really good to have people to run with. I'd never run with anyone else before, apart from my 7.4 kilometres record where I was accompanied by a friend who was riding her bike actually.
There's nothing like running!

xSapphire xSapphire
18-21, F
Mar 13, 2010