My Rebuttal to conceptualclarity story on sandra fluke

i posted my comment to his story many times and each time he took it down, and so that tells me that he is not open to the truth and that he cant handle the truth .... then he wrote me a email saying...> i suppose you consider ur self a christain lol 

i gusse he is trying to say that he thinks im not a chiristain ... what does my faith have anything to do with being on sandras flukes side daaaaaaaaaaaa

 my jewish boss doesnt care what failth i am ....and they know im not a jew... and even hired me to work for them ...

omg god....god for bid i take a different side, i got  blasted for not agreeing with him.... then he tries to insult me by saying


 WHAT EVER  cc  ! 


Q : Rush Limbaugh is...

A : a conservative talk radio host who preaches to the choir and therefore is not one of the most effective conservative spokesmen. He is actually even-tempered and does not rant and rave as the liberals who don't listen to him claim. He doesn't make remarks as inflammatory as his recent ones very often--like many liberals such as Bill Maher do--because if he did we would be hearing about them, giving how closely liberals monitor his every word.

He is far from a misogynist. Keep in mind that Sandra Fluke deserved to be lambasted for having the chutzpah to come forward and say publicly that others should foot the bill for her sex life--a very corrupt thing, a nauseating display of entitlement mentality. But it was worse than that : she demanded the Catholic church provide her free contraceptives when the Catholic church is morally opposed to artificial contraception (not to limiting reproduction through selectively timing sex), and it was for her premarital sex life when the Catholic church opposes premarital sex. She makes me sick!

Some will try to claim Limbaugh is a misogynist for calling feminists "femi-nazis." Feminists are not women in general. I get along well with women, but I abhor feminists. Hatred of males is more central to feminism than hatred of Jews was to Nazism. Some high profile feminists openly express the hope that future technology will make possible the elimination of the male sex. Femi-nazis is by no means too harsh a term for feminists.

I reject talk criticizing Republican candidates for not joining in some liberal crusade against Limbaugh. I would be angry if they did. Such a crusade is just naked politics and has nothing to do with integrity. If it had anything to do with integrity, liberals would clean out their own very smelly stables first. Liberals constantly speak abusively of conservative women. As one example, Ed Shultz called Laura Ingraham a **** for criticizing Obama, not anything to do with sex. Bill Maher called Sarah Palin and other conservative women "dumb *****." Neither has suffered a loss of standing among liberals

cc said...> Sandra Fluke deserved to be lambasted for having the chutzpah to come forward and say publicly that others should foot the bill for her sex life--

gypsy said..> that is not at all what she where did she blatantly say that others should foot the bill.

many people as ur self want others to believe that she was looking for others to pay to keep women from getting pregnant. NOT!

majority of her speech was on how birth control medication helps to keep women healthy.

there are many things (and I'm sure many men as ur self don't realize it, why would you ? ur a guy ) 
that birth control (off the label) does to help keep women healthy, along with not becoming pregnant.

fluke mentioned them in her speech.
(from my experience, it even helps severe acne )

no she did not deserve to be lambasted ! she has the right to say what her views are ...
doesn't matter if you or any one else aggrees with it ..

many in our gov and every day Joe/Jane need to understand that this is a new day, new era of thinking,
there are many in this country who want to keep us down not only as women, but as a country,

Thank god for Sandra Fluke. and others like her who have the "chutzpah" to speak up ! 

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I personally can't stand Limbaugh. He is an over paid, high strung ego maniac who loves to go around judging everyone else.

on cc request here is the full sentence. i have never claimed my faith to anyone here. so cc ur making crap up about me ...

sorry cc i dont buy into ur faith that creates a lifetime of living in the fear of hell and eternal damnation and guilt.

conceptualclarity Sep 11, 2012 5:03 AM

1. You consider yourself a Christian, don't you? If so, how do you explain it to the Lord in heaven why you go around posting a lie about me

<p>&nbsp;<p>concept.....>Gypsy could easily have copied and pasted what I actually said rather than misquoting and misrepresenting it. I did not say "i suppose you consider ur self a christain lol " </p><p>I said "You consider yourself a Christian, don't you? If so, how do you explain" her recent behavior with me.</p><p>In fact, I hadn't actually heard her come out and say explicitly she was a Christian, although she may have on a story I didn't see. All I had seen was her posting some video with a Christian preacher taking sides against men.</p><p>Of course her p.m. reply to me was entirely evasive.</p><p>gypsy......>CC I didn't have to take anything out of context or edit out anything you said in this quote/comment .... why would I? when what you said speaks volumes on its own!</p><p>
<br />
<br />
odd who you deny your own Words you wrote here on e/p..... as if you got caught and then u feel the need to back peddle and the only way out is to accuse the other of making it up......don't you know cc i see right through it !!! HELLO</p><p></p>

<p>&nbsp;<p><p><p><p><p><p><p><p><p>HERE IS comment con said that he now claims is a lie ...></p><p>
c/c guy said...> They don't have all the power when they get past 40 because they are no longer in demand in the love market </p><p>
gypsy said.... yea right, i was NEARLY 40 before i EVER married....</p><p></p>

"When I said 'they are no longer in demand' I didn't mean literally zero demand. I meant there is a really big drop-off as compared to the demand for younger women. You're going around everywhere saying I said "women are washed up at 40." I never used the words "washed up" and I certainly never said I thought there were not plenty of women 40 and over who are still attractive. The cougar / MILF stuff is mostly for guys who want sex and aren't ready to settle down yet as opposed to guys who are actually looking for LTR.

the point was missed... completely... accusing everyone who doesn't agree with you as "frankly ignorant" is pretty much what Rush does (and isn't funny)... he has been paid oodles of noodles though (not that monetary gain really is relevant to any part of anything I have said). Mocking anyone who doesn't agree with by claiming they are only "pretending to be serious" is what Bill Maher does... both are extremists what does that make someone who does the same things they do? a cartoon character? labeling everyone who doesn't agree with you as extremists ... seems a little extreme to me. ... but, I am a frankly ignorant extremist so please do dismiss me as well.

don't misconstrue me, i think the stick which is being used to measure "others" is entirely wrong... and i don't think anyone is a cartoon character or a **** star.

Dente I do notice how your detractors can never argue your specific points even though you clearly ask. It's primarily because people don't have a cogent argument in response. Therefore, it becomes "Dente is angry" (pot meet kettle) when in fact it's Dente who consistently tries to veer conversations back on topic and away from the continual false attribution.

Seriously Dente... you won't get a logical rebuttal to your points or questions, you'll just get a "feminists are angry" although.... the ones that claim this will never call out their own for that same bad behaviour.

Yep when all else fails, stoop to..... oh ur just an angry fem


Wait a minute! I have never called Dente an angry feminist. I didn't even realize this conversation was continuing! Sheesh! Why am I getting bashed behind my back in front of everyone? Dente, will all due respect, I will stand by what I said. Rush is a cartoon character. I am admittedly intolerant of anyone who listens to him for anything more than entertainment. As for the extremist label... there was a while ago where I thought you and I were friends... and I've told you more than once that I don't consider you an extremist. What the hell did I miss?

***enjoying seeing Dente and Penn go at it***

****laughs at Con's hallucinations****

Ahhh, let me put on my clown suit if I'm going to be the entertainment.

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MICH>>>This certainly explains why their rhetoric has never been calm or respectful.<br />
<br />
GYPSY>>interesting to read ur rhetoric you claim to know us ... NOT! <br />
<br />
I found it rather comical how you and con man have tried to place us into "YOUR" mold... sorry but ur molds don't fit who we are... as matter of fact each one of us is very different from the other.. <br />
<br />
but I guess you would not know that since you and con man want to place us into ur your corn feed ideology .

@Michelle anyone who is willing to start a fight should be willing to finish it.

Venom? Lmao ...lets hope you never see the fangs of a real feminist viper... I promise you this ...what you think is "venom" is merely play!

@Dente -My observation has been that there are those who can dish it out, but when trumped, they play the victim card. Ah well... I look forward to the day your points and questions are directly answered.

semi-coherent... that's a pretty consistent state of mind for me lately. :-)

I agree RedRubies. I also regularly observe those that dish it out turn around and claim they haven't while criticizing and condemning others for doing the very same things that they regularly do. Hypocrisy and arrogance is often seen as very vile and venomous, but for some reason they seem to think they are above it all, while constantly claiming others are "ugly" when they are clearly hideous.

yes they point the finger at us for the very same thing they do........... as if its ok for them to do it ..... .but not us...such idiots...

Feb 14

Yep, she regularly spews venom, and makes ugly, critical, demeaning, degrading, disrespectful comments about people, while accusing them of doing the same, and then blocking them so they can't respond and point out how incorrect and vicious she is.

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"Anyone who claims that Limbaugh and Maher aren't the same type of extremist entertainer is frankly, ignorant." <br />
<br />
Ut oh, I'm all ignorant because I am of the opinion there is something different between a "political" comedian and "political" commentator/talk show host. But, silly me I also differentiate Jenna Jameson (**** star) from Marina Abramović (performance artist), sure they both get naked but, its not quite the same thing in my opinion. I wonder if its ignorant to present something subjective as ob<x>jective and then dismiss anyone who has a difference of opinion as "frankly ignorant"

seriously? Rush Limbaugh is a cartoon character. Only the extremists quote him. He's political because that's where his ratings come from. Their approaches may be different, but they are cut from the same cloth. Do you know why there are no Liberal commentators with ratings? Because they're BORING! At least Maher is entertaining. They are both delivering to their respective audiences. I suppose, to that end, I will grant you that Maher is slightly more honest in that he admits he's trying to be funny, whereas Rush pretends that he's being serious.

<p>dante> Do not tell me what it is I "believe" or who I "answer to".<br />
<br />
gypsy>>. Touche- Encore</p>

<p>777said>Feminists?. . .Where? I just see men and women. . .<br />
gypsy >>> same here ...where?</p>

<p>michell said>>>I agree with you sensualseductress. He continues to show respect even when attacked by a bunch of angry feminists. It's good of you to take up for him :)<br />
<br />
gypsy>and what makes you think all of us here are angey feminists?</p>

wonder what mister con thinks about women taking up for him? is that allowed in his narrow view of gender roles????

i find it funny that anyone considers a man which demonstrates almost a complete lack of respect for most people as showing respect.... he has "manners" not respect


@Michelle I've laughed the whole time, I know gypsy and 7h and rubies have all giggled and grinned ... I see you think "the internet is serious business" but I assure you I don't ...the day I get mad at someone on EP who I don't care about IRL is the day I cancel my account .

Having manners and having respect isn't the same and anyone who treats or thinks a woman should be treated theway con does isn't showing me respect.

777&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;GYPSY is right. We are all very different but we are WOMEN. And That is what matters........ gypsy...&gt; yes i agree, 100 percent

"wonder what mister con thinks about women taking up for him?" I love women who aren't like you and your nasty pals.

"wonder what mister con thinks about women taking up for him? is that allowed in his narrow view of gender roles????"

He obviously loves brown nosed women who routinely agree with him and kiss his *** even when he is making critical, unproven, accusations about "a lot" of women that any woman who is rational, open minded, intelligent, and unbiased would know is not entirely true.

yea id like to know too... come on con man chime in...

Michelle wrote "And you continue to illustrate my point, thank you very much."

And you and CCC continue to do the same for us . . . thank YOU very much.

I said if the shoe fits wear it, if it doesn't don't. I wouldn't call the women whose feet aren't being stepped on ***-kissers.

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This is funny because Ditto-heads talk about Limbaugh as if he doesn't have an agenda. Of course he does. He wants ratings. If he doesn't cause a fuss, then his ratings will drop.<br />
<br />
When I was 30, I listened to Rush. I thought he was brilliant. Until one day, I realized he was full of ****. I don't listen to him anymore, because you can't get facts from an entertainer. He is EXACTLY like Bill Maher. Anyone who claims that Limbaugh and Maher aren't the same type of extremist entertainer is frankly, ignorant.

um... someone has the username manboobz? {yossi fell under chair...}

its kinda funny because within the terrordome called the "manosphere" where "real men" are expected and rewarded for "verbally ******* on the graves of feminists who commit suicide and any man who shows sympathy to the dead feminist or her family/friends is labeled a mangina" they use the term manboobz to describe men who respect their wives and other women and who don't think the best thing for society is for women to be beat, and kept barefoot and pregnant and preferably making sandwhichs.

so this gentleman decided to proudly own the name... much how women who wanted equality for all people were derisively called feminists and finally decided to proudly own the name!

yea, my guy is the resident Culinary artist of preparing sandwiches and cooking foods in our kitchenette, ill have to ask him if he feels his boobies have grown any?

I'm still stuck on "manboobz" ... {thinks thoughtfully} Could there, then, be a woman who calls herself 'womanpenis' or something like that? ... I'm thinking a woman who has had to wear the big britches for 20 - 40 years, solve all the big crises (even ones HE created), answer all the big questions, kill the bugs, change the lightbulbs, take out the trash AND cook like Julia Childs, keep house like Martha Stewart and screw like Jenna Jameson all while holding down a skyrocketing career and supporting 2.3 prodigies into prestigious careers in the arts and sciences before the ages of 14?

awesome! So, you changing your username?

awwww... shucks. Well *I* am not changing my username. Do you know how fast I had to type to get this one when the old TIE departed???

Ya....Walk softly with those high heels and carry a big Penis : )

But in all seriousness i admire women/men who are single parents in every sense of the word.

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ConceptGuy likes to pepper his posts with links, "research" and pseudo-intellectual knowledge. But his depth really shines when he makes statements like... "Feminists are not women in general."<br />

He also loves to constantly throw out "statistics" to try to prove that his claims are valid regardless of the fact that the sources of his statistics sometimes are questionable or have been proven to have no merit.

there ya go ladyblue... he also tries to pass off some of his stoires as if he wrote them, when all he did was copy/paste from an website.

last artical he pasted on EP i found it on a web site ....he only copied pasted what he thought would make his lies seem truthful.

"last artical he pasted on EP i found it on a web site ....he only copied pasted what he thought would make his lies seem truthful."

or what he thought would make him look more intelligent than he is.

<p>&nbsp;<p><p><p><p>on cc request here is the full sentence. i have never claimed my faith to anyone here. so cc ur making crap up about me ...<br />
sorry cc i dont buy into ur faith that creates a lifetime of living in the fear of hell and eternal damnation and guilt. <br />
<br />
conceptualclarity Sep 11, 2012 5:03 AM <br />
1. You consider yourself a Christian, don't you? If so, how do you explain it to the Lord in heaven why you go around posting a lie about me</p><p></p>

I do not live in fear of eternal damnation or in unresolved guilt because I know God forgives my sins and those of my brothers and sisters. I apologize for misconstruing you as somebody who takes the Bible seriously.

ur full of **** cc ............... you have no idea who i am. you wished you did. lets see some more of ur out of context bull **** lies ...go on write some more ..oh yea bless ur heart.....

i have 6 brothers and they taught me about men like you ............

"Out of context bull **** lies" is exactly what you've been doing to me lately. More projection, which EP feminists and other feminists specialize in.

777, I don't know how submissive Mormon wives are and would never claim that I did, not having been around them enough. I know what the LDS believes on that subject.

&lt;----- wonders how many wives CON lost to Joesph Smith to be as bitter as he is

777 he likes to make him self look like he knows who people are........... and he has no idea...

Dente, I loathe any "prophet" who does that, whether it's him or Muhammad or David Koresh, somewhat for the sake of the husbands, but more because I think that's a very vile thing to do to a woman.

con: "I know God forgives my sins and those of my brothers and sisters"
i had always imagined you as a only child.

yea he is a Sub and on EP he tries to be a Dom...

poor guy cant get any satisfaction....

middle child syndrome poor guy...dont you all feel sorry for the wanna be Dom?

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Nobody attacks 7h, she is my sister wife.... and how dare that MANiac make me come to the defense of Joesph Smith. * shakes fist at invisible stuff, like con's civility *

She attacked me, as she is fond of doing..

Et tu, conceptrute???

Is this the "turn the other cheek" your Lord requires of his devout followers????

Jesus Himself told people off when they had it coming, so I don't think He meant to prohibit that.

Still awaiting your defense of Joseph smith.

yes con this sounds exactly like the Jesus in the bible... how did that go again, "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called sons of God."

and James 3:17 But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.

Luke 6:35 But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked.

Proverbs 20:22 Do not say, "I'll pay you back for this wrong!" Wait for the LORD, and he will deliver you.

“Teacher, which is the most important commandment in the law of Moses?”
Jesus replied, “‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. A second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ The entire law and all the demands of the prophets are based on these two commandments.” (Matthew 22:36-40) &lt;---- oh snap COn jesus totally burned you &lt;----hahaha

Hey con... I have a story all about Joesph SMith but the formating on ep keeps removing the strikethrough function on font.... this is irksome... i even have pictures and a song and everything... i am praying very very very hard to the IT division of heaven to set forth a miracle

What I said to 777 was milder than her unprovoked comment to me. I never implied she was anywhere near as bad as Joseph Smith.

Who is joseph smith?

hey con how many of your wives was Joesph Smith able to steal before you figured his wiley ways out?

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I also believe that if republicans had come out and called him on his obvious hatefulness towards this young woman, they wouldn't have the "woman problem" they now have. Oh well Obama is the best man for the job anyhow!

I lost all respect for Limbaugh when he referred to Ms. Fluke as a "****". That was completely inappropriate and vicious.

it certainly isn't going to help him get laid

I don't think he's looking to bonk any feminists, LOL.

ANYONE who thinks that statement only offends feminists is clearly in need of a reality check.... No political figures supported his rhetoric, not even conservative republicans...and the Catholic Church condemned the speech .... He himself apologized and admitted it was out of line.... so you may continue to defend him... with your manospheretards but, when you stand behind something that not even the person WHO said it stands by, it makes you look like a bigger bigot than even him...

“It doesn’t help,” said Carly Fiorina, National Republican Senatorial Committee vice chairman, Friday on "CBS This Morning." “That language is insulting, in my opinion. It’s incendiary and most of all, it’s a distraction.”

Ms. Fiorina noted that the Limbaugh uproar had taken some attention away from Thursday’s vote in the Senate on the Blunt amendment, legislation that would have exempted religiously affiliated employers from providing employees with contraception.

“It’s a distraction from what are very real and important issues,” said Fiorina.

Robertson, founder and chairman of the Christian Broadcasting Network, said on the Wednesday episode of "The 700 Club" that Limbaugh's remarks were a bit much, but also said the Catholic Church has the right to not cover contraception in its insurance plans.
"Rush Limbaugh got a little, you know, over the top on that thing," said Robertson.

Robertson is not the only prominent public religious figure that has said that Limbaugh went too far with his remarks. Earlier this week Cardinal Timothy Dolan, a critic of the contraception mandate since it was announced in January, said that opposition to the mandate should be done with civility and avoiding inflammatory rhetoric.
"Whatever we do, and however strongly we feel, we do it charitably, we do it civilly," said Cardinal Dolan.
"We don't judge the motives of other people. We just try, in a confident, peaceful, inviting way, to make our position felt, to invite other people to respect it."

Premiere Radio Networks that lists nearly 100 national companies that have asked that their advertisements not be played on the Rush Limbaugh show — companies that have not been publicly named until now. Think Progress claims that brings the total of sponsors who have pulled out in the wake of the “****” controversy to 141 — far more than previously thought.

I don't dispute the facts about the negative reaction to his remarks. He has a wife already, and despite what you say, a guy with the money and prestige he has could without doubt get a lot of other lays if he wanted.

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Gypsyblu could easily have copied and pasted what I actually said rather than misquoting and misrepresenting it. I did not say "i suppose you consider ur self a christain lol " <br />
<br />
I said "You consider yourself a Christian, don't you? If so, how do you explain" her recent behavior with me.<br />
<br />
In fact, I hadn't actually heard her come out and say explicitly she was a Christian, although she may have on a story I didn't see. All I had seen was her posting some video with a Christian preacher taking sides against men.<br />
<br />
Of course her p.m. reply to me was entirely evasive.

You're the one who screams with indignation when Christians decline to redefine their faith so as to put polytheistic Mormonism within its bounds, yet admits when I pressed you on it, that you agree with Joseph Smith that the Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, etc. are all "false" churches. You think we're mean because we won't regard as orthodox a sect that calls us apostate and was founded by a fellow whose specialty was "prophesying" his way into the vaginas of other men's wives. Heads you win, tails we lose, you want us to buy into that, LOL.

Whats the worst way to "prove" your point ??? Pull a con and point fingers at everyone else. I don't care what you say to Gypsy that is not why I call you out for your fanship rather than fellowship with Jesus. Had you the ability to engage in self-reflection you might not find yourself so hateful. I have said it before and it still is true when you reap the wind you sow the whirlwind. Cry about it elsewhere as this whirlwind has no sympathy for your type of glasshouse.

con: I said "You consider yourself a Christian, don't you? If so, how do you explain" her recent behavior with me."
Godless Atheist asks : @Con is it you or is it God that Gypsy needs to explain her behavior too? Just wondering which part of Christianity that falls under.

So you think youre a dbag cc?

777 thanks for replying... thumbs up

What skanky groups, 777?

&lt;----- enjoys use of word "skanky"

@notlarry i think con is trying to get us to join his dbag cult

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Go ahead and read the article and see how dishonest Manboobz is, and by extension the one who cited him. It is a lengthy discussion of different kinds of "******" (used mostly in a non-sexual sense) some of which he says historically were mostly male, before his discussion of the individual Watson. <br />
<br />
Dente, you are just preaching to the choir with your crap about how an attack on feminists in an attack on the female gender. It is underwhelming when you cite A WHOLE PARAGRAPH WORTH of Elam denouncing feminists (not women) on behalf of AVfM as proof of his "misogyny."<br />
<br />
I don't go in lockstep with the deriding of American women cited, since, for example, both genders have a weight problem in the US. But suppose that a woman were to isolate what she thinks are the worst nationality of men in the world and subsequently denounce them. Would you acknowledge that to be misandry? Of course not! I am interested to hear which nationality of women you will put forth as preventing American women from being the worst set of women in the world. Come on, get specific : which country's women are worse than American women?<br />
<br />
I looked at the other story on EP with quotes from Paul Elam and found they were every bit as misleading as they are here. I suspect Manboobz was probably the source for it as well. It was deplorable that the URLs were excluded there.<br />
<br />
Also, Dente, you have said on EP that you don't believe in anything invisible, i.e., you are an atheist. I'm not mad at you about that; that's between you and God, not you and me. But it doesn't put you in a strong position to judge how serious I am in Christianity. If I were not a follower of Christ I would have told you to GTH and GFYSelf a long time ago rather than taking considerable time to provide useful health information for you and your husband and willingly helping you when you contacted me with a problem that had arisen in regard to your previous username.

I guess the fact that 10 different human rights organizations classify "a voice for mean and Paul Elam" as a HATE GROUP which engages in misogyny, sexism, and has racist/nationalist rhetoric are all wrong and taking it out of context to. He chose the word for a very specific reason, and your defense of him and his word choise IS A REFLECTION of your willful ignorance. The links are here, I have said in several posts I will not direct people to websites which promote bigotry or blatant hate... I posted them in my comments as comments don't trigger results in search engines. I have never said I don't believe in "anything invisible" how incredibly retarded of you...I said I don't believe in magic... so guess what Con, you can take that and GFY in your magical lake of fire...for all I care. Do not tell me what it is I "believe" or who I "answer to"... You have provided me no help for my husband, You sent me links to websites for various "diet supplements" which aided brain function.... I am sorry that was so burdensome. Regarding my previous screen name I requested you abbrv. it as I have a real life stalker which had found that screen name belonged to me on another forum... Instead of flagging you and having E.P. jail the story and your content (which violated the T.O.S anyways) I merely asked you to respect my right to anonymity it was a courtesy to your freedom of speech.

I wonder con do you site the websites when you misquote Andrea Dworkin?&lt;---- double standard stock and trade

Con: "woman were to isolate what she thinks are the worst nationality of men in the world and subsequently denounce them. Would you acknowledge that to be misandry?" Moi: depends on if she was right....lmao...&lt;----sarcasm stupid question gets equally stupid answer.

Concept's Christianity = threatening me with "between you and God" allusions of impeding judgement in one sentence and brags about not having told me to "GTH" in the next sentence&lt;---- IRONY ABOUNDS

I spent considerable time helping your girlfriend Atri, I don't do it because I am afraid of the judgement of God or his wrath, I do it out of general concern for t he health of a fellow human being... that is what makes me agnostic/atheist I do not do nice things for any other purpose, I do not expect rewards for choosing to treat others with compassion or sympathy. I am honest about my nature and its selective empathy, I love because I love, I help because its help.... no eternal reward motivates my good works

Dente. your saying that me saying between "you and God" is threatening you is hysteria. I understand this to be a manipulative talking point that atheists bring up, that if Christians don't muzzle their beliefs in accountability of all to God, they are "threatening" atheists. I imagine lawsuits are not too far down the line. "I have never said I don't believe in "anything invisible" how incredibly retarded of you...guess what Con, you can take that and GFY " Typical of your abusive language that springs from a heart full of malice. You did in fact say on Q&amp;A that you don't believe in anything invisible but your shadow. I don't need to explain that; it's your words, not mine. You trample all over the EP Guidelines regularly as with your hate speech here, and you have the gall to say my story was in violation. "10 different human rights organizations classify "a voice for mean and Paul Elam" The Southern Poverty Law Center and other so-called "human rights groups" you cite are nothing but far Left hit squads. There is only one major "human rights" group that is not run by leftist characters, and that's Freedom House. I didn't quote Andrea Dworkin yet. I only referred to the consensus assessment of her attitudes, which is supported by everything I have read from her, including your quotes from her. You really have gone out on a limb by saying she was poor, misunderstood, not all that bad, and it makes you very hypocritical to be going around promiscuously calling people misogynists when you defend her.

Still waiting to hear which set of women are worse than American women. If you ever want to lower the temperature, I would be willing, Dente.

con why u say american women are worse? ... cause we dont allow our selves to be beated down from men? and we have our own voice and ideas and stand up for them ? so there fore u consider us worse then other women ?

I can think of a particular "woeman" who is in need of some improvement this woeman goes by the screenname of conceptualhilalrity

Con- "believing in ones shadow" is a saying within romansch people... of course I wouldn't expect you to have any culutural awareness nor question why one would call a shadow "invisible" it was only a flippant remark as the saying "believing ones shadow is invisible" is a weird saying which is hard to explain in terms of English but has to do with being overly confident in ones "own" mind and not recognizing a "shadow" which is ancestors and your past etc has any effect... its used in a way to denounce those which believe it is possible to be free from superstition... hard to explain... especially to someone who has no real cultural understanding ...

I was basically teasing everyone since we all have beliefs which are based in magical thinking... some call it wishing, some call it praying. or hoping... different names for believing our "thoughts" change the physical world in ways which are unseen... we all believe on some level in these things... even as a atheist/agnostic I have tendencies to do the same... to wonder if coincident isn't a coincidence .. it was also poking fun at how everyone thinks their "magical" thoughts are superior to those of others... and that if we ritualise magical thoughts and give extraneous meaning to various symbols or sets of behaviors that increases the validity and "power" of our magical thoughts....

HOLY ships are you now claiming a "conspiracy" of 99% of all human rights organisations??? OH Con I hope not... that's below even you... oh my... my jaw is dropped ... so when 99% of the world doesn't agree with your point of view its a conspiracy and not a time to look into ones beliefs and allegiances? does this really sound like anything close to logic? or does it maybe seem a bit hysterical?

regarding andrea dworkin ... you've talked plenty about her and what "she said" and what she even used to constantly accuse me of being her... and you've admitted on more than one occasion that you've not ever read more than a few sentences which are attributed to her, you've not ever read her books or even excerpts or articles written by her.... so egg on your face, big disgrace.

con:"You trample all over the EP Guidelines regularly as with your hate speech here, and you have the gall to say my story was in violation." ME: funny coming from someone who two days ago was crying because he has had stories "jailed" and now one has been deleted!!!!! I push limits and I am not delicate in my rhetoric and may at times be too brutal for your tender sensibilities... I could make excuses of living a different life than most ( parents who didn't speak great english for a lot of my young life and didn't even speak the same language as one another) and about how this makes for a weird process in the way one thinks in terms of language in chose of words and sentence structure, I could blame being dyslexicas making this process more difficult... although I was expected to and did maintain "all a's" and bring up not being a very healthy child, of being made to sometimes spend extended periods of time with my relatives in Germany or Switzerland all of course had some effect on my communication skills or according to some "lack thereof" ... I learned a long time ago that one's sad song really only brings tears to their own eyes... so i accept that I am not a "gentle touch" I own it freely I don't feel its an asset or a prized trait however, I certainly will not let others use it as a whip across my back... you claim i am full of hatred I assure you I am not, you blame feminism for the sole reason i am "badly" behaved I assure you it is not, I was badly behaved long before I was ever a feminist. YOU blame feminism for the sole reason for your bad behavior as well, I would venture this isn't the case either.

Gypsyblu, there are a lot of non-American women who are very self-respecting people and not the doormats you wish to portray them as in your straw man, who are repelled by a lot of American women.

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a taste of Manboobz <br />
<br />
"In the fast-paced, perpetually busy world of today, we don’t all have time to read every post on A Voice for Men. So here is an edited version of Paul Elam’s latest post, on Rebecca Watson of Skepchick. And ******. And how he personally doesn’t spend all his time claiming to be a victim, even though he totally is one, in case you forgot since the last time he reminded you of that.<br />
<br />
Here’s Paul:<br />
<br />
****** … typical ***** … Main Street walking, garden variety anybody’s ***** … honest *****. … corporate ***** … corporate ****** … whorish sexual symmetry … stupid ***** … stupid ***** … ***** … lying ***** … ***** … lying ***** … ***** … lying ***** … corporate ***** … a lying ***** can also be a corporate ***** … whoring for the cause … ***** … PZ Myers … stupid, lying ***** … not just a lying ***** who also happens to be a stupid ***** … a different subspecies of ***** altogether … stupid, lying ***** … ***** that rigorously abandons intellect, rationale, evidence, decency and compassion, and also fosters much deserved hostility toward themselves … stupid, lying ***** … stupid, lying ***** … ."<br />
<br />
<br />
think this is an exaggeration??? lmao read the whole article here <br />

Alcuin website<br />
“Western women … act, dress, and look like hairy fat pigs, but get angry when they can’t find a man … act like *******, but expect men to respect them … don’t know what the hell they want, but seek power over men and over everything.”

This reminds me very much of the dangerous anti jew propaganda spewed during the second world war.
This reeks of misogyny.

Reminds me of feminists talking about men and their ugly private parts.

Cons version of Christianity reminds me that "turn the other cheek" isn't jesus endorsing tih or domestic violence masquerading as domestic discipline ...

"domestic violence masquerading as domestic discipline ..." is not something being endorsed; it's what feminists yearn to believe male dom / female sub DD is all about.

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<br />
Okay men, we all know by now that American women are useless for most purposes. They make bad wives, bad cooks, bad mothers, bad workers, and so on.<br />
<br />
<br />
This site’s mission statement describes American women as “generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible and highly unchaste. The behavior of most American women is utterly disgusting.” Plus, they supposedly pose a higher risk of divorce than women from such countries as Russia, Thailand and the Philippines, where the blog suggests men find their mates. The site is rife with posts from outsiders, like the recent one that said: “I think we should export all american [sic] ******* to other countries and take in women from other places. … Have you noticed how fat these ***** get AT AN EARLY AGE… . [I]f you were allowed to beat your wife we wouldn’t be dealing with this crap.”<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
No this isn't misogyny.<-------------biggest feckin lie

Concept calls himself christian yet is more of a fan of Christ than an actual follower.<br />
<br />
"Feminists are not women in general. I get along well with women, but I abhor feminists." This is blatant veiling to obscure gender hatred as something more acceptable... The so-called “manosphere” is filled with hundreds of websites, blogs and forums dedicated to savaging feminists in particular and women, very typically American women, in general. Although some of the sites make an attempt at civility and try to back their arguments with facts, they are almost all thick with misogynistic attacks that can be astounding for the guttural hatred they express. The language speaks for itself<br />
“Even Nice Girls are *****.”, <br />
“don’t get involved in American women; they’re *****, ******, and disease ridden ******.”<br />
“American ***** who I want to hate ****.”<br />
“I’ll be the first to admit that many of my bangs in the United States were hate *****. The masculine attitude and lack of care these women put into their style or hair irritated me, so I made it a point to **** them and never call again.”,<br />
“like a kind of dyke junkie.” <br />
“I have said it before, and I will say it again; I don’t hate women. I just hate what they do to men.”<br />
<br />
And what of their savior and revered leader Paul Elam?<br />
“AVfM regards feminists, manginas [a derisive term for weak men], white knights [a similar derisive term, for males who identify as feminists] and other agents of misandry as a social malignancy. We do not consider them well intentioned or honest agents for their purported goals and extend to them no more courtesy or consideration than we would clansmen [sic], skinheads, neo Nazis or other purveyors of hate.”, an affiliated website that vilifies women by name who have made supposedly false rape allegations (among other crimes against masculinity), is one of Elam’s signature “anti-hate” efforts. <br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
"Hatred of males is more central to feminism than hatred of Jews was to Nazism."<br />
And yet, they provide no proof.... we know it is because they have none but, need something to blame on their "beta" male inferiority, simply upset that "alpha" females aren't interested in their general inadequacies and inferiority complexes.... they hate women because women want nothing to do with their low class, low rung, low ability, low intelligence high victim-hood selves... they would do better to stop whining and hating and start improving themselves...<br />
<br />
<br />
for more examples and lulz check out the Man Boobz website (, a humorous pro-feminist blog (its tagline is “Misogyny: I Mock It”) that keeps a close eye on these and many other woman-hating sites.