Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe may not be the most popular guy in Hollywood. Not the dashing, James Bond-ish type of man...but to me he's beyond any of those makeup powdered men. He's rugged, direct, masculinely handsome. It's hard to say that an actor is someone you know well, since they're always playing different people. But Russell Crowe strikes a cord with me because I appreciate the characters he plays. He's not always the good guy, but he's definite. Concrete. He doesn't mess around.

He played Maximus in Gladiator, ruthless, brave, yet in love with his wife and son. In A Good Year he plays a shrewd investor, coarse, abrasive, yet he changes by the end of the movie...his humanity resurfaces. If you've ever seen LOST, Sawyer plays a similar type of man, but not completely the same. Where Sawyer is 2 dimensional, Russell plays men who are nasty, brutal, etc. but also humane, loving, and real. I don't know how else to explain it. To me he's more real than all the pretty boy actors out there.
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22-25, F
Aug 9, 2010