Just a Gorgeous Actor..

He acts so unbelievably good. And also looks nice most of the time ;) I've seen Fracture some days ago, and again he did well in this movie.

And by the way: Do you know his music? A friend of mine once 'told' me about it at school. Well actually she wrote it down since we were sitting in a class and everybody was being quiet so we had to write those little letters haha. She asked me if I knew that he was making music, and I said that I didn't know and if she knows some song titles. And the answer was "Put me in the car, Touch me, Here and now." And I had to love quite a lot all of a sudden, and she was like WHAT?, I think she wasn't quite aware of the meaning of what she just wrote down if you read it in one sentence haha I listened to his music a few days later. It wasn't bad, but obviously not too great, since I can't really remember anything.

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Stay is one of my favourite movies! He was so good in it. I've never heard any of his music but I did know he did that too.

I only know "Stay" but I was deeply DEEPLY impressed by him in that movie.