The Dark Emotional Tones That They Carry Are Fascinating..

People don't stop loving someone, they just learn to live without them.

Can you smile for a second?
I want to see what you'll look like when you see my dead body and suicide note.

I look up when I walk so the tears won't fall

Why does moving on feels so much like pretending

&& She blows a kiss to him,
Right as she pulls the trigger. x/3

So when I die...
Promise me you won't cry.
Because you never loved me when I was alive.

Have you ever wanted to die
just too see
who would come to your funeral

Death must be great cuz no one ever comes back.

I'm planning the day i die like if it was my wedding day

They say that your selfish if you commit suicide. But is it selfish when I'm just trying to make the world a better place?

How can somebody go to a better place when, where they were was right here with you?

The good ones always die, I must be bad because I'm still alive.

Smile and the world smiles with you. cry and no one cares.

something is wrong with her smile...

..i just wish people can see my heart crying everytime theysee my face smiling.. : (


lostlolli lostlolli
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2 Responses Sep 25, 2009

Dear Larrica, as much as the quotes means alot to us...<br />
I do believe, that somewhere deep inside our hearts..<br />
we do know that we exist for a reason..<br />
it's just the trouble of finding it..<br />
so don't let go yet.<br />
of life.<br />
of you yourself :)<br />
& stay strong

i can relate with this qoutes..<br />
because i want to die too..<br />
because i think my life is useless.. ;(