Broken Open

In my darkest of days, this song comforts me and lets me cry at the same time.  I feel understood and accepted.  I have dreamed often of having that one person say these words to me, to let me crash and burn, to hold me in their arms, where I am safe....I don't need anyone else.  That one place in this world where I can be imperfect, accepted, loved.....where I can open my soul and let it all pour out if I need to.  I haven't found that person yet, who understands me in that way, who wants to be there with me, who accepts me for my imperfections, who loves me.....and who lets me be the same for him. 

Today I listened to this song over and over when it came up on my ipod....when I got to my car, a silent tear touched my cheek.  It's such a beautiful song...someday, I long to find this understanding, acceptance and love with someone....

Lucidblue Lucidblue
36-40, F
May 10, 2011