Sad Songs

I just love songs that express depth of feelings and innermost thoughts. i remember as a teenager I was never able to express myself, it's only through writiting and painting that i was able to.

I just used to listen to a song repeatedly, over and over, without getting tired o the song...the consistency and sadness evoking memories and emotions in me.

i ask myself why i feel so deeply and why i have inhibiting myself for so long to express how i feel. I need to find myself again and come to that point that am in touch with my self and my innermost being.

Because I don't want to live life unhappy, becoming an imposter and not being true to myself. i've tried so hard not to be so serious and be more lighthearted like people arond me, make jokes. I've tried but I realize the real me is the serious one, the one who feels a lot, the one who thinks a lot. The one who analyzes life and one who is introspective and questions.

Because even if other people do not see me or hear me on the outisde, inside my voice is loud and clear and strong.Inside I am standing up and loving myself for who I am.

tremblingRain tremblingRain
26-30, F
Feb 10, 2013