My First Love.

I was 17 when I had my first love.  It started out as friendship.  I worked with the guy.  At first, I was very hesitate about dating anyone i worked with.  I had heard stories from others about how rumors start, and I didn't want any drama to start.  However, this guy was going off to college and I didn't want to lose contact with him.  We shared e-mails.  Overtime, the two of us began communicating via e-mail.  He would come back about one weekend a month to work to earn some money while in school.  During that time, we would joke, laugh, have a good time working together.  

I literally viewed him as a friend, so when valentine's day rolled around, and neither of us had plans, we decided to hang out together.  I should have known he was viewing me as more, but I didn't.  When he showed up, he had a beautiful vase of flowers with him for me.  I wasn't expecting anything, I was feeling a little awkward at first, but still appreciated the gesture.  We had a great time that night.  There was no kiss at the end of the night because I still just viewed him as a friend.  

We continued to talk as friends throughout the next several months.  During that summer, I was heading to Australia/New Zealand for a trip.  He literally took the time and made a care package for me with 3 cds in there.  ALL songs that reminded him of me, it was one of the sweetest gestures anyone had done to me.  The best part was, it was something I could take with me and listen to on my 14 hour plane ride.  It kept me occupied, and the songs were REALLY good.  

When I got home.  I realized that this guy meant a lot to me.  I took the time and made him a care package of songs.  Pay it forward, right?  One sweet gesture must be returned with another.  When I delivered the package to him, at that time, I knew he was the one I wanted to be with.  I don't remember how we started dating, but we did.

We dated for a little over a year.  My senior year of high school.  I enjoyed every minute of it, and I fell.  When I fell, I fell hard.  He was the first person I had sex with.  He treated me like a goddess, however, he also broke my heart.  We just weren't meant for each other, but I still can look back at him with fondness and remember what he had given me.  

He told me a few years later, while he was still working at my place of employment as a second income that I was still one of his favorite people in life.  From time to time we'll e-mail each other updates in each other's life, but I recognize what we had was awesome, and of all people to lose my virginity to, i truly lost it to someone incredible.

My heart will always save a piece for him, as a reminder, of what true love felt like.  However, today, I only look back with fondness, and look back with a smile on my face.  I still only want absolute happiness for him because he truly deserves it.  I have no hard feelings about us not working out, and to be honest, I no longer want to be with him.  I just put a smile on my face for what he gave me.  :)

Thank you J! 

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so beautiful! :)

a very nice story.

Aww, this is beautiful =]<br />
How did you know it was love? <br />
What are the symptoms of true love?

Beautiful story De. One of the best I've ever read. *wipes a tear*