I Still Love Sade Too

Smooth operator is my favorite. Her melodic sounds her jazzy smooth sounds reminds me of her sharing  her sadness . What creates this in her ? Her experiences . I feel her pain in all her songs yet I still love her. Her music is a tribute . I am sad too when I hear her sing. I will try to find out more about her. Is she a mother, wife, someone's sister,  aunt, etc . Any information about her I welcome.

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2 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Well put, in a BIG way! Had a conversation with a friend, about singer SADE, SADE, she is a long term singer, she can! come out with songs years past, present and future. I enjoy music, she inspired many of my songs copyrighted in 2011.

I love, love, love, Sade. No matter what I'm going through , I can pop in Sade and she takes me away to a better place, according to the songs of course. She is amazing! She has a daughter from a previous relationship who is 14, I think, she is now thinking of marrying her current partner. I don't know much about the source of the songs she writes. I have so many wonderful memories listening to her music. It's indescribable to me, I'm hooked on Sade!