The Longer And Saggier The Better

My wife used to have qite firm perky **** but over the years they have turned into a pair of soft floppy sagging hangers where all firmness has left. This started when she was pregnant and grew. I love them better this way as they are more fun to play with and the bouncing is sexier than ever. In fact I hope they stretch out longer an become even floppier in time. As long as they get floppier it's even ok if they become smaller. You can see them on the photos in my profile.

petersellers petersellers
51-55, M
3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Will she let you tie them up of hang weights from her nipples? A friend's wife lets him to that and he says they have really pulled them out and down....wish he would let me see!

Do you mean her nipples were stretched or her breasts?

Yes, nothing like nice soft boobs that dangle, swing, and bounce, freely when she walks or bends over, or is getting ******!!

Would love to see your wife's breasts. Please add me.