Setting Sail Today!!!!!

leaving today for the lower keys!!! going to spend the holidays with family in key west .hope to do some island hopping .so if y'all are down our way drop in and say hello 

found this on yuo tube and just wanted tp post!!! missing the big blue!!!! 
dirtygirlsbypool dirtygirlsbypool
13 Responses Nov 11, 2010

Good to see another sailor on here. You been out on the water much recently?

we had a short sail just before thanksgiveing .from or home at longboat key down to our place in key west but that is all

Not a bad start. I'm sitting out the worst of the winter here in England before I get back on the water in the spring.

Done that. Wish I was still doing it. I'm sure you had a great time.

ok...your right!!!but i still like the song!!! i did not see anyone but old friends

ok...!!! love to have you!! enjoy the sun and fun!!!! how about a drink?

got a crew!!! you just layback have a drink and enjoy the day!!!

we have a hunter 480..but i still love our little o'day..just a fun boat to hop on and take off

i am sure we will be fine but will keep you in mind...

i will pm you g...<br />
<br />
hello big''s a hunter baby

well has been so great to catch up with yall again, will miss ya for morning coffee if not around as much.<br />
<br />
Hope yall have a wonderful Holidays.<br />
<br />
Soak in the sun, smiles , and laughter :-*

it always is!!!!

going hopping after thanksgiveing...should around there by sunday or monday after t - giving

Very cool, if you make port in Grand Bahama or the West End give me a shout! x

just a nice slow relaxing time!!! got to love it!!!