How I Got Started

Ten years ago my wife bought me sailing lessons for my birthday.  It was my first sailing experience.  I have been sailing ever since.   Mostly taking more lessons to improve skills and someday after retirement I will look into getting a boat or at least a membership in a sailing timeshare.  I could buy a boat today but it seems like it would be more of a maintenance headache than a hobby.    I’ve heard the 2 happiest days in a man’s life is the day he buys a boat and the day he sells it.  So, for now, I settle for taking as many lessons as I can fit in and dream of a time when I can devote myself to this hobby.   So far I have taken courses from US Sailing and ASA and am about half way through each program.   I’d love to hear from anyone with a similar experience.

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Non sailors like the two happiest days cliché. The days when I buy a boat are just chore filled drudgery and I regret the sale of every boat I couldn't keep. I am down to just three small boats now but I really feel I need two more.
Some of my happy days have been spent lying under a boat with a power sander or on the foredeck mending sails.

I have sailed since I was 17. Everything from a laser to a 53' ocean racer - one of my boats is a very fast sailing hydrofoil - I have gone 35 knots in it - crazy fast boat.... We own a 34' keelboat as well. There is nothing that I do not like about sailing and I enjoy maintenance just as much as sailing.

Well, I guess it’s not the maintenance that scares me as much as the maintenance cost. I live in Pennsylvania and the nearest place to sail is 5 hours away, my place in the Outer Banks is even farther. Say 10 hours or more, for not it just doesn’t seem like the ROI would work out.

Father Goose

I live in Toronto - 30 minutes to the club launch and then a fifteen minute ride over to the club on a classic launch. We are on an island - three islands connected to one another. Maintenance cost - I don all the maintenance. - or the vast majority of it. Sewing new cushions, the bimini, dodger wiring , the engine sail repair - I do it ALL, well too. Our boat is old adn it works well. Fresh water helps though.

Just a suggestion. Buy a small trailerable good old boat and restore it. The skills you will acquire will serve you well. Sell the first boat and use the money to buy a better boat and restore it. By the time you retire you will have made many of the mistakes already and will know what YOU want in a boat. Also you will have a nice boat that has no secrets that you paid for by learning.