Sailing Is Bliss

I spent the weekends in my youth building a 28 foot long wooden sail boat with my father. Those were the days!!! We bonded during the creation of the boat. On the day we finished the boat we took her to the river to make sure she was going to float. WOW, it did!!!! Then the whole family packed up and went to Key West and spent a month learning the craft of sailing. It will always be my fondest memory. We spent the following summer there as well. After that we took her to a nearby lake and sailed her every summer until he passed away. I haven't sailed since then. But someday I will attempt to again. It's hard to think of sailing without dad.
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2 Responses Mar 23, 2009

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I love sailing and have done so with my parents since I was about 2 years old. Except for the in depth First Aid courses and other certification stuff, my dad taught me everything I know about sailing. We sail every chance we get, even if it's just a day sail to same intimate cay to have a picnic, a nude swim and relax on the beach. Please do begin sailing again, and if you have kids take them with you, teach them what you know about the sport and share a wonderful experience! xx

I can understand not wanting to sail without him, but why stop doing the thing that brought you two so close to one another?<br />
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I'm sure it will be different and you will really miss him being there with you, and maybe you just aren't ready to go yet?<br />
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I hope you get back out there and enjoy it!