I'd Rather Watch Sailor Moon On Youtube Than Sleep :d

I freaking love Sailor Moon. I'm in college and I still watch it haha. I'm on episode 91 say wat!!!
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i have the sailor moon on dvd the series with sailor neptune and uranus pluto and sailor saturn i love the show i want to get super s tho and i'm also in college lol

I wasted hours on youtube, veoh, and an anime video site watching almost every episode of Sailor Moon lol. It felt great to sort of revisit something from my childhood again at first, but then I got sucked back into it and it was soooooooo cool to see the episodes that were subbed in English that were never aired on TV b/c I always kinda wondered how it all ended and it was amazing! I fell back in love with Sailor Moon all over again lol :).

I've actually never watched too much of Sailor Moon, but I need to! lol. I used to make fun of my friend for watching it, but I secretly liked it. hahaha. I may have to waste too many hours on youtube pretty soon. lol

Lol, first anime I ever watched actually.<br />
<br />
So it kind stays in your heart.

She's such a badass :) I love her