Can Anyone Help With The Name Of My Dali

I am an English man living in Thailand, my friend was the manager of the orient express. He gave me this Painting as far as I know it is a watercoloured engraving signed and numbered of which I have taken detail photo's. ( 35cms X 25cms)
Id love to know the real name and have some idea of its worth

andycrosby andycrosby
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Thanks guys it is 1000% real, The man who gave me the photo is single with no kids and in very poor health so rarther than his staff getting hold of it to be burned or lost forever he gave it to me,
I on the other hand live with my wife and kids and still go to work I am not rich but have a real Dali .... LOL
yes I know I am a lucky #$#@%^&
I will try the Museum and by the way I dont like the Painting at all

I'm a Dali fan, and don't recognize that one. The thing is, Dali has done hundreds and hundreds of paintings & sketches. There are a lot of prints and replicas out there. It does look like his signature. I think your best bet is to email an art museum or gallery. I would try getting in touch with the Salvador Dali museum in St. Petersburg, Florida (USA). The experts there could pinpoint the title for you, and help give you an estimate what it would be worth. If you think that it's a genuine print, signed by Dali himself, you then have two choices: display it & enjoy it, or save it to sell. If you plan on selling it, keep it out of sunlight, and make sure it's in a humidity-controlled environment. If you find out anything else, let me know. If it's real, than you're a lucky ****** ;)

I like Dali too but I have never seen that one.
I bet it looks good painted in colors.