The first Dali painting I was in awe by was The Persistence of Memory. I loved how the clocks were melting and it made me look into this painter. I love the Abe Lincoln painting where it is a woman up close and if you look at the painting from a distance it Abe Lincoln. One of my favorites by him is Dream caused by the Flight of a Bee. It is amazing how he painted such intricate detail and how he alters the paintings dimensions. Dali was asked in a interview,

"Do you take drugs?"
Dali replied in third person,
"Dali doesn't take drugs... Dali is the drug." :)
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In fact I published an online article "Salvador Dali: Persistence of Memory" recently. To grasp the meaning of this artwork is a real challenge, but I think the painting depicts the DISTORTED MEMORY as part of the surreal project.

I agree.

I love The persistence of memory painting! It has so much meaning to it. It's simply amazing.