How Could You Not Love San Diego?

I Do LOOOOVE San Diego!

San Diego has been nicknamed "America's Finest City" and I couldn't agree more. It is said that this moniker has been assigned to San Diego based upon its weather, which IS America's finest, but there is so much more here than our year round average temperature of 69 degrees. Oh, and yes, there is more than world famous San Diego Zoological Society.

It's more difficult than one may think, for a lifetime resident, to be able to express what's so great about the city in which they live and what attractions it has to offer. People tend to take a lot for granted and what I may see as an everyday sight such as the zoo, it's actually a draw for visitors from around the world. These days, I rarely visit the zoo or Sea World or the Safari Park or Legoland or any of the other amusement parks I can't remember we have. Now, when I was a little boy and later on when my daughter was a little girl, I would regularly attend these really fun places.

OHHHHH, I do love the weather!! It does not snow here, but on the Northeastern outskirts of San Diego county, in the mountains it does get snow every year and you can see when they are covered with snow and it's pretty nice looking.

I don't know the actual statistics on the amount of rainy days we have each year, but they are far outweighed by our sun shiny days. I do love the rain, but that is because we are not bogged down by it. There are some hot days, that may run for a week or two at a time and some cold snaps that can make a run as well but what we call cold is often t-shirt weather elsewhere and hot, well is just hot. It's not easy to escape heat and you can't ***** off much more than your t-shirt but it's rarely overwhelming and not for great lengths. I don't recall how cold the coldest days have been but I definitely do remember the hottest for me. I believe it was about 5 years ago and it hit 118 in my area. I had no idea it was that hot when I walked out the door and what i remember the most was my fingers were so hot that I had to keep them in my pockets. Just the hot air was making it too uncomfortable to have them exposed.

We have no hurricanes or tornadoes. No wild snow storms or very heavy rain storms. I know you hear we are going to drop off into the ocean with a major earthquake but that's not possible with the fault lines that are near us. Anyway, in my lifetime, I remember only 4 quakes that shook me up among the hundreds of light temblors, but I do not believe there were any deaths associated with them.

OK, OK! Yes, we do have some problems here, as any major city has and we may have some issues that could be unique to us, but the truth is, I have never been the victim, nor do I even know anyone who has been the victim of a violent crime. 2 of my cars were stolen but one of those was by the judge in divorce court and he handed it over to the ex. WHAT A JERK!!! Some things can be a little pricier here than elsewhere but our wages are usually higher too. It's obviously worth it to the 1.2 million residents of San Diego city and the other million residents in San Diego County's other cities. Hell, even the homeless won't go away and they have a higher standard of living than many people. You picture homeless people with a bucket begging for change, but that's really not too common here. I mean, you will see a homeless guy begging, but he could have a cell phone with an ATM/Debit card swiper for your convenience.

Aside from the minor problems this is a wonderful place. Most people in San Diego live one hour or less from, the snowy mountains, Anza-Borrego Desert to the East, San Diego bay and the pacific Ocean to the West and our international border with Mexico to the South. Actually, most people here are 1/2 hour or less from the water and Mexico, but my point is, you are never too far from the features and attractions of San Diego.

If you don't want to go to Mexico or feel uncomfortable, but would like to see Mexican citizens, then it's usually as simple as grabbing a blanket and some snacks and head to any one of the freeways in the Southern part of the county and sit up on a hill some night and watch the illegals run their ***** across the freeway hoping they can dodge the Border patrol or an 18 wheeler which either one will stop them cold and return them to their country of origin.

I am sure some of you are thinking that I forgot to point out what is to the North. Well, I didn't forget, I just try to dismiss it. It is L.A. Yeah, Los Angeles, but on the up side, we have Camp Pendleton and Orange County buffering us from L.A. so I guess it is worth mentioning.

Overall, San Diego is amazing to visit or live. Since we already have over 2 million people during the day and a few hundred that made it through the hole in the fence at night, you should just come to visit and we'll call you when there is an opening. Or just use the one at the border at your leisure. An interesting note, if you come here and find you can't afford to get back to where you came from, then use the illegal border entrance and get yourself caught because you are processed, and then put on a plane back to where you came from. I'm sure we have some nice domestic flights running too.

This is, to me America's Finest City.

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