Very Much So

I dwell in this realm most often, so much so that people think of me as rude at times when I'm usually just being sarcastic.

And I think some dark musings are just genius. I do enjoy and love the type of humor I matter if anyone dislikes it.

I am me and I know who I am. Who cares what others think of me?

Not I. ^_^
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2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

I'm the same way. I always come off as rude. :)

There's a narrow line separating rude from sarcastic. Almost invisible, actually. Most sarcasm IS rude and the person using it can then (when someone gets offended) say, *Where's your sense of humour?* If the sarcasm is meant as humour it won't hurt anyone's feelings. For instance...if you drop a whole handful of coins and they all roll away in different directions, and I say *Hmm, I'm impressed. What do you do for an encore?* and then I start to help you pick them up, that is sarcastic, and not aimed at insulting you. Same scenario, but instead I say *Hahahaha, you klutz* and then I walk away; that's not sarcastic, it's rude.

Rude is only as one perceives it. One's perception can also be wrong when the person who was being sarcastic meant it to be a certain way and the other person took it wrongly.

I don't believe most sarcasm is rude. And, believe me, I say plenty of things with a humorous slight, and people are still offended.

That scenario with the klutz, of course, is not sarcastic. But that sarcastic remark (encore) could easily be seen as rude in the same light.

People just need to understand the intentions of the people saying these things. That way, they should understand how they can/not be rightly offended about what they say.

We'll never agree on this point, so I'll stop here and now.