Diary Of A Kissaholic .. Part Ii

Dave.B … Dave is in my sisters year he had recently been chatting and flirting with me then in the classiest of places as tubes we snogged, he was a really good kisser which is probably why I also got with him another night in town shortly after – WIN!

Ali S … This was a night in stathern at matt holidays house we had drank absinthe and other nasty things, so we went to the pub where ali was he sweet talked me and I tried to resist due to the ‘circumstances’ I was in .. but somehow we ended up kissing for a while , what can I say ? no will power – WIN!!

Patrick.C … was my next victim, not proud of this one at all, he’s not good looking , he had a girlfriend at the time (unbeknown to me), and wasn’t a very good kisser, but somehow had some charm and the memory still makes me smile when I see him but unfortunately a – FAIL!!

Chris. M … this was the same night as above, he was left alone dancing so I went over we danced for a while then I kissed him , don’t ask me why. After that I did actually quite like him but was warned he was a creep so didn’t go there. Still got with him a few more times after that on drunken Carrington nights. I did manage to turn him down on NYE this year though, I think im a changed woman (2012) WIN!!

The next is my biggest kept secret, he was my boyfriends close friend at the time and although we didn’t kiss we did have a fumble under the covers, dont think either of us are very proud of that one – FAIL!!

Mark.S.. Married man from Melton , I didn’t know this at the time but to be honest if I did I probably would still have done it, he wasn’t conventionally attractive but he was an older man in a suit … how could I say no , we kissed and Im pretty sure I was grinding on him- cringe. But it was probably one of the best kisses yet – WIN!!

Danny s.b … This was on a night out in Nottingham, apparently the ‘go-to-guy’ on campus, he was good looking and a good kisser a deffo – WIN!!

Lawrence.A .. the cockiest boy I think ive ever met seemed to think he could get anyone and do What he liked.. so what do I do ? prove him right by kissing him even though he had a girlfriend, im such an idiot not the best kisser either – FAIL!!

2011 Dan.C .. He was an older guy 26, who I met at a party, we went for a drink then went back to his and watched blades of glory, was quite a nice night, then he drove me home and I kissed him, it was a really nice kiss one of the very few sober ones I have encounted – WIN!!

2011 Lenny Kravits... Haha freshers week this is not his name, this is what he got named by my housemates, really bad kisser, really bad dancer I ended up running away to avoid him, this was definitely a FAIL!!

2011 Tim … This was in the SU bar one Monday night we were dancing and then we made out he walked me home then we kissed again and exchanged numbers, still texting atm not a bad kisser and not bad looking either – WIN!!

2011 Scott … After a Monday lock in went back to his kissed and 2nd base been back a few times after nights out since, always drunk but if im honest got the hots for him a bit!!

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W O W ! You have quite some guys on your diary, if I ever manage to get on your list I hope I'd be a WIN WIN ! :))